When do we get our medal?

We have set some kind of record for Wisconsin, with temps cold enough to cancel school two days in a row.  There have also been record snowfalls.  Take a look outside my classroom windows…. that’s from  Wednesday, when we’d had yet another morning of treacherous driving trying to get to work.  You can just see the parking lot and playground past the snow piles.

Sorry for the image through the screens… I didn’t go outdoors.  In fact, we’d already had two days cold enough for indoor-only recesses.  Wednesday night the temperature dropped way below zero, and with the wind chill it was enough for even Madison to call school.  Yesterday, Thursday, it was -18 when I got up.  It would have been a good day to sleep in, but noooooo…. Roya had an orthodontist appointment bright and early all the way in Madison, so we not only went to that, but we also did some grocery shopping and other errands.  It was amazing how many places were open (and busy).  When we got home in the afternoon, it had warmed up to a freeze-your-face-off -8.  This morning we hit the all-time personal best (or worst) for our little valley, -37F before windchill.  (By the way, I believe the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales converge right around -40.  Is that true?  I am too lazy right now to double-check.)  The furnace had stopped working sometime during the night and our house was 54F indoors.  Fortunately, the batteries in the thermostat needed changing and the problem was easy to solve.  It’s now up to -3.  Yippee!  I’m not going ANYWHERE today!  Papa has the day off, Roya is home, and the cats aren’t budging either.

Eli, unfortunately, braved the bitter cold (worse because he lives near the lake, hence more windchill) to get to MATC, which was not closed, to find out his only class today was canceled because his professor had to stay home with his kid, who had no school.  Bummer!

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5 Responses to When do we get our medal?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ya, celsius and fahrenheit are the same at -40. I read about the big chill over on your side of the pond. Wouldn’t want to be homeless in that weather. So much for global warming!
    -Felicity at thriftyliving.net

  2. Anonymous says:

    you don’t get a medal. instead you get a day in.
    i lived in maine in 5, 6, & 7th grade. it’s much colder than VT there and we weren’t even on the coast. I used to hate it how they made us stay outside for recess no matter how cold. not very nice especially if somebody had a bad coat.

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