Another cold day

Today I seized the moment yet again when it was sunny and the temp was +1F/-15C, and took a walk.   I bundled up like crazy and was out for over an hour without feeling too cold except for my face.  Here’s Roger’s house with the church in the background.  Don’t I look warm?

It wasn’t bad down in the valley, but very windy up on top.  The snow was so beautiful; doesn’t it look like sand dunes?  It’s the wind blowing the snow.  In the final picture you can make out the church spire in the distance, from the other side.  I walked three miles.

Unfortunately, after I got home I realized I was actually chilled to the core, and spent the rest of the day drinking hot liquids, wearing a hat, etc.  I guess you don’t fool with Mother Nature. 

For dinner tonight we tried to use up the Leftovers That Would Not Die.  Last weekend I defrosted a container of pesto I had made in the summer.  We used it on pizza but there still was a lot left.  So the next day I made some bowtie pasta and mixed in the leftover pesto plus chopped spinach and some tofu ricotta I had also made for the pizza.  It was the first night after the kids had moved out, and I didn’t realize we would never eat a whole pound of pasta on our own.  I’m just used to making the whole package.  We took this stuff in our lunches, had it for dinner with tomato sauce, and still had some leftover.  So today I made ratatouille and mixed in the last of it.  It was a great addition…. and now we have leftovers of that!

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12 Responses to Another cold day

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the snow dunes – we just have dirty city snow. BUT, a burning (freezing?) question. Don’t your glasses fog up when you walk outside like that?

    • wingraclaire says:

      Yes, my glasses fog up when I breathe, if my nose is covered up too high with a scarf or with the hat. Sometimes I have to take them off. And, of course, when I come in they are useless for at least five minutes!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    the anonymous thing got me again. it’s me, Andrea.

  3. That snow IS beautiful!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I remember having to bundle up like that when I was a kid (grew up on the Canadian prairies). The weather announcements would warn, “exposed flesh freezes in two minutes”. We had beautiful snow drifts too. But I think I’ll stick with the weather I’ve got now 🙂
    ~Felicity at

  5. Anonymous says:

    reminds me of my former life in VT and ME. ouch. though the snow is really pretty in those patterns. I also like walking on frozen lakes, though it can be scary.
    I never have to freeze pesto because I suck it all down – even if I’m lucky enough to have it days on end. I love it best with pasta and slightly overcooked broccoli. sometimes I also add in some fake cheeze. I have some basil in the fridge right now for a recipe, but there will be enough leftover for pesto.

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