Winter is back; thanks, groundhog!

Winter has returned, with scary and slippery snow on our drive home Friday, and colder temps.  I took long walks on both weekend days despite it being colder than it looked, especially with the sun out… there is still ice under that new snow!

On Friday night we had gone out to see Slumdog Millionaire, which we liked a lot.  Who am I kidding – we loved it.  I had already had the song in my head from the radio so I needed to go and see it.

This weekend I’ve been doing schoolwork almost nonstop.  We are starting a new unit, "Asia," and are conveniently starting with China tomorrow morning.  We also made time to cook…. on Saturday we made Sesame-mushroom-tofu stew from The Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home.  I had baked our last butternut squash earlier in the week, and used it to make "pumpkin" bread, using Kailah’s banana bread recipe (which is basically the Farm Cookbook recipe).  Here we are serving it with a salad.  It was our exciting Valentine’s Evening meal, and afterwards we played Scrabble (and I lost terribly).  Papa made seitan all by himself for the second time, and I hope he will do this regularly.  After all, he really loves it…
The stew tastes better than it looks; trust me!
This evening I made Dreena Burton’s Lentil Pie from Vive le Vegan!  It was awesome topped with the suggested tahini-mustard sauce.  Since the oven was on I made roasted potatoes, and we had to have some colorful vegetables on the side…

In this weather, the cats are supremely bored and antsy.  The don’t want to go out, but they don’t want to stay in.  They don’t want to just hang out on their own, but when they are on our laps they annoy us.  This must be cat-cabin-fever.   Spunky would like some attention RIGHT NOW.  Maybe YOU’D like to pet him?

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3 Responses to Winter is back; thanks, groundhog!

  1. wei_k says:

    Beautiful pics, all of them. Especially of the snow! (I know, you’re sick of it and I miss it.) Also, I’ll pet that cat…

  2. Anonymous says:

    you’re totally brainwashing me into wanting to go to the used bookstore and get a moosewood cookbook. you have your stuff way more together than I do because I just crank out hte main dish and never both w/ cool accompaniments.
    I’ll have to try dreena’s lentil pie. I like a pie w/ a topping.
    your students are so lucky that you went to china recently. You’ll have lots to show and tell them.
    we got more snow, that finally melted a day or so ago. I’m sick of it already! The cats in my house are the same way, cabin fever due to cold temps. I can’t blame them.

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