Another February weekend, another snowstorm

Yesterday it started to snow at about 3:00 a.m.  It snowed all day… I’d say we got 6 – 7" but I guess if I read the paper I’d find out more 🙂  If you look closely, you can see deer across the valley, venturing out in the daytime, taking cover in the snowy woods.
As the snow was supposed to stop by afternoon, Dominic came by and plowed sometime after lunch, and we decided to go into town for some errands.  It kept snowing, though.
Yep, we are back to big piles.
Back home again, I took a walk, only to find out the hard way how icy it was under the new snow.  Lovely to look at….

If you look really closely, you can see the bruises on my hands from the two major falls I took out on the road.  I came crawling back home… well, shuffling… and went nowhere all day today….. until we drove into Madison to have dinner with Eli on his 21st birthday. We went to eat at the Vientiane Palace, where Eli got Pad Lao (rice noodles, egg, shredded vegetables in a brown-sugar-and-chili sauce, so hot I couldn’t touch it); Papa got "curried gingers," which was a vegetable curry with …. lots of ginger, right?  And I got curried squash.  The light was terrible, so no photos, but the food was great.  Speaking of awful light, these photos are the best I could do for Eli in his church… next time I’ll go back in the daylight to catch the stained-glass Jesus that is his bedroom window.  Happy birthday to Eli!

And here’s that newspaper clipping again… 21 years ago today, when I was in labor, we got the phone call from the photographer asking permission to print this photo of Kailah getting a ride with Matthew from Dave….click on the photo to read the text 🙂   And do you notice we had NO SNOW on that day in 1988? 

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5 Responses to Another February weekend, another snowstorm

  1. Anonymous says:

    Eli lives in a church? Tell him happy birthday from me!
    Hope you didn’t get too injured in those falls.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ow. you have to hit your hand pretty hard to bruise them. not fun. will the snow ever stop? I think it will be a while for you. Last year it snowed in April here.
    Happy bday, Eli!
    That’s interesting that they talk about you in the article.

  3. wei_k says:

    Those bruises look ouch! 😦
    Lovely-LOOKING snow, though, yes.

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