Real monsoons don’t freeze like this, right?

Yesterday I posted some photos of our driveway and yard…. and boy, were they dramatic.  Overnight it got very cold; in fact, we could hear the wind howling all night.  So this morning when I got up for work, the deck and sidewalk were coated in ice, and the driveway, where there was still lots of water (frozen) was also a sheet of ice.  School was delayed two hours here in Mt Horeb, but Madison wasn’t.  However, it was a work-day-for-teachers/no-school-for-students day, so I gave myself a two-hour delay and let the snowplow come by and sand the road before I left.  That worked well, as our road and Hwy. 78 were the worst… until I got to school and had to walk across the playground and down the steps!  When I got home this evening, there had been significant thawing and melting, then evaporating, because it had been very sunny.  That took care of some of the ice, but here in the valley we still had plenty. 

The forecast is for "bitter cold" tonight, and so far it is.  When I got home Papa was making lentil salad, and I thought it would be good with cornbread and salad; while the cornbread was baking I made some granola because last week I had made some and given it all to Eli for his birthday.  All that baking warmed us up a lot.  And we were thinking warm thoughts, like: It’s almost March!

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11 Responses to Real monsoons don’t freeze like this, right?

  1. wei_k says:

    You keep an amazing blog! Mine has been, uh, lacking recently.
    That food looks good. And the house too. (I think I’m finally home-sick.)
    I’m going to make granola soon too… and cornbread. And other breads… That’s my new plan. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your dinners always sound so good and your weather always sounds so bad! Our car was encased in ice Friday morning, which was a pain to remove, and the sidewalk looked shiny but was not slippery. When I drove at 8:30 a.m. the roads were fine — not slippery at all. I was worried what the sidewalks would be like on campus but they were clear also. Yay.

  3. If you were to ask me what the weather is like in June, July and August I would say it is so hot I can’t stand it and I would moan all the time about the incessant heat and the fact that we don’t have air con. Ask me in two weeks time what the weather’s like and I will say it’s lovely and Spring like – with clear blue skies and a warm breeze. But ask me now and I will say it’s cold, it’s wet and I’m fed up of the Winter.Winter in Spain can be harsh as the houses here are built to keep cool and not to keep warm so we have:
    a. no carpets
    b. no cavity wall insulation
    c. no attics
    d. no central heating
    e. no double glazing
    PLUS our house is north facing so not only is it cold but it gets damp as well. One of the main requirements of our new house was that it was South facing (well, actually, the house we’re after if West facing but that will still do nicely).
    So even if it can be sunny outside it can still be cold in the house and seeing as I have to sit at my computer to work most of the morning – there’s not a lot I can do except wrap myself in blankets.
    Yes we have a little heater but after our last electricity bill – I’m loathed to use it.
    I am just being very typically British and moaning about the weather. Honestly, in a few months time – I will be moaning about being too hot.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i’m sure the kiddies were skating around on all of the ice.
    you know that spring doesn’t come in march. i think you need those april showers first. or april snowstorms.
    your dinner looks so yummy. I want some cornbread!

    • wingraclaire says:

      I had some leftover coconut milk so used that in the cornbread. It was interesting!
      Right now we are having March downpours; then it is going to snow again. You are right; SOMEONE needs them…. but we are flooding!
      Everything is so damp here; is this what WA state is like?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow, the weather just sounds so dreadful. It’s not bad here now, above freezing even overnight and the last couple days have even been sunny. I just hope we don’t have another cold, wet summer like we did the last two years.
    ~Felicity at

    • wingraclaire says:

      Ugh; cold wet summer sounds like not much fun. How cold was cold?

      • Anonymous says:

        Average summer temperatures were 14.1C (57F), which actually is around average, but rainfall was a lot higher.
        It seemed a lot colder because of a “lack of any prolonged or significant heat”. The maximum temperature in August was only 20C (69F). Also, the minimum night temperature was above average, which brought the overall temperature up.
        There was an average of 429mm (16.9″ or 1.4 feet) of rain. That is 55% higher than average.
        Almost all of our tomatoes got blight. It also was a bad year for fruit. We almost didn’t find any sloes at all (a kind of small wild plum). I think that was down more to lack of pollination that the cold weather, though.
        That’s probably more information than you wanted to know, lol.
        ~Felicity at

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