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Solar Power

Just like that, it’s spring!  All winter, I have been drying my clothes indoors, using sun + forced hot air from the furnace…. but I always use the electric dryer for our flannel sheets, which we want back on our bed … Continue reading

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Today is Thursday.  One week ago it was zero when I got up…. but  a few days later, it was in the 40’s.  (We are talking Fahrenheit here, folks…)  On the weekend it really warmed up, and on Monday when … Continue reading

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Alive, but busy and damp

It’s raining.  Pouring, actually.  And my yard is flooded.  And my basement is flooded.  We have two sump pumps, but one is backing up and flooding a whole new part of the basement.  And our oven is broken.  And I’ve … Continue reading

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