Alive, but busy and damp

It’s raining.  Pouring, actually.  And my yard is flooded.  And my basement is flooded.  We have two sump pumps, but one is backing up and flooding a whole new part of the basement.  And our oven is broken.  And I’ve just spent the last two weeks, including weekends, writing conference reports.  But hey…. I belong to the most fortunate 5% of the entire world’s population, and don’t think I don’t know it…. I just like to whine once in awhile.  And to top it all off, my computer isn’t uploading anything, including photos.  I wonder why…

Yesterday it poured, then sleeted, then snowed; today the sun came out and melted everything and now it is pouring again and then the temp will drop and it’ll get really cold again.  I don’t know why I am so fixated on the weather lately; perhaps because it sort of dominates my life…

So pretend you’re seeing a flooded yard, snow on the trees, and a late sunset from last night when it finally cleared up and I took a walk.  I was excited because here in the U.S. it was Daylight Savings Time and the sun didn’t set until 7:00!!!  Wow!!!

Also imagine, if you will, some delicious looking kale with red bell peppers, which we had for dinner along with our lentil soup and rice, because that’s the kind of thing you can make without an oven.  I had hoped to bake some Hamantaschen, because it is Purim this week, but no such luck.  Perhaps next weekend, when Roya is home on break.

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4 Responses to Alive, but busy and damp

  1. wei_k says:

    Dampness is my least favorite weather condition (though I do like rain).
    Weird about the oven! 😦

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jordan and I were out driving at the peak of the snow Sunday night and it wasn’t too bad at all. It was so pretty with all the trees coated. I like snow better than rain.
    Sorry about your basement and oven. I get upset when things don’t work. And no one around here is into fixing. However, I just found the handyman of my dreams. He’s a retired engineer and financial planner who does EVERYTHING – painting, electrical, plumbing, caulking, woodworking, stucco repair. Heck, he even clears sidewalks and does goldsmithing. I’d marry him if I could. (Hope he never sees this!)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope your basement is ok. TGFSP (for sump pumps).
    you have messed up weather too? Yesterday we had:
    snow in the AM
    it melted
    lots of wind (in wa it can blow trees down)
    more wind
    UGH! will it ever end?.??.
    here are some answers to questions:
    1. I have to buy my own dog toys. I also repair them because they get ripped up. greyhounds seem to love pulling out stuffing and throwing all over the place.
    2. I’m patiently waiting for Andy to finish “the extras” so I can read it. are we teenagers because our taste in reading says so.
    3. coconut bliss is coconut based ice cream. the chocolate kind is the only kind I really like. The vanilla is ok.

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