Solar Power

Just like that, it’s spring!  All winter, I have been drying my clothes indoors, using sun + forced hot air from the furnace…. but I always use the electric dryer for our flannel sheets, which we want back on our bed on the same day!

Yesterday, it got up to 60 degrees F (whatever that is in C…..) and the lawn dried up enough to walk across it.  So it was the first day to hang laundry outside.  If it sounds like I don’t get enough excitement in my life, you are probably correct.

Here’s something that IS super exciting: our oven is fixed!  Last evening I kind of went overboard, making some roasted potatoes, baked tofu, tempeh cubes for another recipe, and a dozen of those frozen, raw banana muffins I had to toss in the freezer a few weeks back when it became clear the oven would not light!  I took a picture of the aftermath… as you can see, we elected not to fix the panel, so the clock is still not working, but now the oven and all the burners are.  The black thing on top of the stove is the clock radio so we can tell the time…..

Now that our oven is back, I’m looking forward to trying some new recipes I’ve been stockpiling.  If I have time… things are getting even busier at school, as if that were possible!  This week, for our All School Unit on Earth Science, I’ll be hosting six groups of students with a graham-cracker-and-frosting simulation of the Earth’s tectonic plates.  The frosting had to stand in for peanut butter because so many kids are allergic.  You should have seen us experiment with sunflower butter (too gummy), marshmallow fluff (too icky), and jam (too squishy).  Nope, the crummy old frosting-from-a-can wins…. but nobody says they have to eat it, right?  Wishful thinking…..

Hey!  Would you like to win some maple syrup?  And see an incredibly delicious looking recipe for a beet salad?  Sure you would!  If you go to Diet, Dessert and Dogs, you can check out the offer and the recipe.

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9 Responses to Solar Power

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, and for the shout-out about the giveaway! Good luck and hope you win! :)–Ricki

  2. Anonymous says:

    Our spring arrived about two weeks ago. It was 15C (59F) and sunny every day. But today it was cold and wet again. Oh well.
    ~Felicity at

  3. wei_k says:

    I love the colors in that first pic.
    The weather here is gross! It’s been raining almost everyday, but today it was extra-polluted on top of the rain / just overcast all day. Finally, though, (maybe) it’s clearing.
    60 F = ~20 C (in my conversion).
    Oh! I’m non-eligible for that maple syrup. But the guy’s cakes do look really delicious. I think I’m going to bake a pumpkin pie tonight. (esp. if I don’t brave the rain for unicycling.) 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    And just like that, it’s winter again. Or is this spring, Wisconsin style? Oh well, what’s one more snow storm.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m back from GA/SC. though it wasn’t a long trip. it was soooo warm there. well not the first couple of days. I was paranoid that it would be drilling rain the whole time.
    yay! you got into the 60’s. that is very exciting, indeed. and your oven is working. that can be such a pain.
    once in a great while my mom used to make us frosted graham crackers when we were little. you know kids and their love of sugar.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Cooking and Laundry
    I also use clothes drying racks to dry my clothes I noticed from the picture that you only use the top of your racks. I used to have the accordian type racks as well and I found I never used the bottom rungs. When the one broke the last time I decided it was time for something different. So I went “shopping on line” I found this awesome round rack at I hope you and your readers find it as cool as I did.

    • wingraclaire says:

      Re: Cooking and Laundry
      That rack looks like exactly what I need. Thank you! I actually do use every rung on my racks, but those were especially heavy clothes and I wanted things more spread out on that day so they would dry. But yes, your thing looks better. So when mine break I think I’ll check that cool one out!

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