Same old same old?

I maintain a private classroom blog, and each day two students record their impressions of our activities.  Today, one of them reported: "Same old same old."  (!)  One reason I don’t post a lot of food pics anymore is…. nothing much is new in that department….. same old same old.  Today I made some miso soup because Papa is STILL not better, still coughing and sneezing; my own cold seems to have flared up again too.  Sometimes same old same old can taste good anyway.

And yes, I am eating beans and oatmeal on Passover!  What should I do, starve?

But wait…. what’s that across the lawn?  On Monday it snowed, but today is mild and yes it’s true: the bloodroot is up!!!  Something new after all!!!

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One Response to Same old same old?

  1. wei_k says:

    Yay, flowers!
    Eve’s comment, en route from the airport to her hotel, was how lush HK was–so much greenery, trees, flowers, mountains. Then again, everything didn’t freeze/die, either, like in WI.

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