You know it’s the end of the week when….

So it’s been (another) long week, and I know I must have been tired, because I reached for the box of mac and cheese that has been sitting on the top shelf of my pantry for a loooooong time.   I bought it in case I was ever too tired to cook, and have never yet been able to justify using it.  Tonight, however, was definitely the night.  Never content to leave well enough alone, I did throw in some frozen peas, and put together a simple salad while it was cooking.  The result?  Actually, it was delicious!   So you KNOW I was tired 🙂

This was the second really long day in a row, and yesterday in addition to us being tired, it was still Passover.  This resulted in another rare (once a year) dinner of Matzoh Pizza.  Enogh toppings and a spicy enough sauce makes the soy cheese taste….. not bad!  I still do plan to try some Teese, though, if I ever make it over to the coop…..

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2 Responses to You know it’s the end of the week when….

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wait. I thought Passover was 8 nights and started last Wednesday. (Or is that Hanukkah that’s 8 nights 🙂 and 7 nights for Reformed.
    Did you get the mac & cheese at Woodman’s? And you know, that pizza doesn’t look so bad!
    Hope you’re able to rest a little this weekend.

    • wingraclaire says:

      The pizza was pretty good, thanks! And I got the mac and cheese at the coop. I also got some with regular (not whole wheat) shells, so it’ll be in my future dinner plans…. or maybe to take camping?

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