Photos that are already four months old!

Felicity is back from Canada with all kinds of great food she can’t get in Britain.  It reminds me of food I saw (and photographed, to Kailah’s amusement/embarrassment, depending on the situation) in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong is such an interesting mix of East-meets-West, and it’s amazing how the British thing pops up everywhere you go.  For instance, I’ve never seen this item in the States, and the name just sounds British, or else like someone’s parody of something British…. so what is it, exactly?
Made with real marrowfat?  Can’t wait to try it!
So of course that was all fascinating, but there was one store that just blew me away.  I think I’ve already mentioned Park’n’Shop, the neighborhood supermarket, and Taste, the upscale one with the health food (and of course, the Octopus soup mix), but city’super is in a class by itself.  If you are an expat who hasn’t had Kraft macaroni and cheese in ages, or maybe an  Amy’s pot pie, then this is the place for you.  They have absolutely everything, and that everything costs an arm and a leg there, but what’s an arm and a leg if you’ve been away from America so long you’re absolutely jonesing for a Claussen pickle? Which of course we buy here at home…

And maybe some Heineken beer…. is this enough?

But OK, so we saw American products one can get at any supermarket here… and then I saw it: Organic Valley cream cheese, made not far from us in Wisconsin! 

I was so amazed, because there is only one place on earth where that is produced….. and then the final, most amazing thing of all:

That’s right!  Bagels Forever bagels, made in just one bakery right here in Madison, WI., USA!  OK, I have to admit, these bagels leave something to be desired when frozen and thawed, but you can bet that if I actually lived in Hong Kong, there would come a time I’d pay that arm and leg for a bag of four of these.   Let’s see….$26 HK is about $3.50 US; that’s almost a dollar per bagel…..

So, yeah, stuff there was imported from all over the world.  Another interesting thing I saw was a line of milks, I think from Italy, made of grains you normally wouldn’t even think of using here.  Spelt?  Millet?

I had a lot of fun looking at everything at city’super, but probably just because I knew I’d be going home soon and could buy my Bagels Forever bagels for $0.89 US.  How expensive was this place?  Well, some (mainland) Chinese tourists who passed me in the aisle uttered one of the few Mandarin phrases I know: "Tai guai!"  ("Too much!) 

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13 Responses to Photos that are already four months old!

  1. Anonymous says:

    The mystery food in your first photo is mushy peas! They are common here and are made with marrowfat peas. They are vegan, though I believe their bright green colour is due to some kind of radioactive food colouring 😉
    They are ubiquitious at chip shops, and we have them whenever we have mushrooms & chips at the fish & chip shop.
    Yummy 🙂
    ~Felicity at

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m blown away by the cream cheese and bagels and I’m not in Hong Kong! That’s nuts. Thanks for sharing.

  3. wei_k says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this post.
    I’ll have to try some of those milks! I must not see them when I go to the store, since they don’t ring an immediate bell.
    Those Claussen pickles look really good!!
    btw, the pinyin you want for “too expensive” is “tai gui.” “tai guai” = “too strange.” 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love checking out grocery stores when i visit new places. it tells a lot about the place.

    • wingraclaire says:

      Same here. And there are still regional differences, proving we haven’t all been completely corporatized!

      • I am a complete Mushy Pea addict – I LOVE them and they are my one vice.
        I sent a tin to my food swap partner (she’s in Georgia) and she LOVED them. They are a required taste so I’m told but I don’t know any Brits who don’t like them!

      • wingraclaire says:

        That is so funny. Next time I’m in Hong Kong (ha!) I will have to try them… better yet, I will get Kailah to try them and send me a review.

      • Or……even better yet – email me your address and I’ll post you some!
        I don’t mind….I’m all for spreading the Mushy Pea Lurve across the pond!

      • wingraclaire says:

        That is too funny! Thank you! But before you spread the peas, I’ll see if they exist at all here. I am just intrigued enough now to hunt them down! 🙂 And a can (a tin, to you), is an awfully heavy thing to mail!

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