I’ve got the day off for once!

Last weekend we went to Minneapolis to get Roya.  Ate, unfortunately, at the worst place in the world (TGI Friday’s) but got a decent salad…. everything had meat on it or in it, but when I requested "no chicken" on my Southwestern Salad they happily complied and only charged me $5.00 for a large salad with tortilla strips, beans, avodado, chipotle…

All this past week we’ve either had thunderstorms (when we unplug the computer) or I’ve had meetings, appointments, a flat tire, more meetings…. so although I’ve peeked at the blogs of others I’ve been a little busy.  Yesterday I went with two other Wingra teachers to this year’s Progressive Education Network (PEN) regional conference in Evanston, IL.  It was a long but very good day.  The highlight was a keynote address by Vivian Paley, veteran educator and author of a Wingra favorite, You Can’t Say You Can’t Play.  I attended workshops about multicultural education, which were nice, but the best part was meeting teachers from other progressive schools.  Sometimes we come away from these conferences muttering that we didn’t learn much and could have taught them ourselves, that we already do the stuff people are presenting as new and exciting…. but this time around I could only put myself in their shoes as I contemplate the upcoming national conference in October.  If we get the funding to attend, Lisa and I have to "put our money where our mouth is" and conduct a workshop!  THAT is humbling, and scary.  The host school of this conference, The Willard School, provided dinner.  Although there was a bunch of grilled meat, they knew vegetarians and vegans were coming and also had pita bread, delicious falafel, tabouli, hummous, and shredded salad to make a very satisfying meal.  I didn’t know what was in any of the desserts, so I didn’t have them, but they were all homemade.  The Willard School is very committed to recycling and sustainable agriculture, and our dinnerware was bambu and the drinking glasses were made from corn.  Both products are said to biodegrade easily, are supposedly made in a "sustainable" manner, and more importantly, in companies that treat their workers fairly, in China and Taiwan.  Do we know anyone who could verify that?  (K?)

Well, I’ll be back with lots of spring pics and so on, but first I have to pick up over a week’s worth of stuff around the house!  However, here’s a nice photo from our Vegetarian Meetup dinner at Africana restaurant in Madison. There is no food visible because it took at least an hour to arrive at our table, but at this point we were still smiling 🙂  Despite the long wait for food, meager amount of food when it finally came, and substitutions on the menu, I still plan to attend future events.  The next one will be at a Thai restaurant.  The question is, knowing what we know now about Thai food seasonings, will it be truly vegan?  I’m going to investigate…

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2 Responses to I’ve got the day off for once!

  1. wei_k says:

    That salad sounds really good, ditto on the food from the Willard School!
    and, I saw a truck one time (in HK) advertising that biodegradable stuff, but I don’t know details.

  2. Anonymous says:

    yay! that’s so cool that you went to a meetup. It looks like you’re all having fun.
    conferences can be fun – especially if they have food that you can eat. I know what you mean about going to one and not learning much because the place you’re at already does it or is ahead of the curve. makes you feel good in a way, but also bummed.

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