Longest days of the year

So in a week of long days, we’re extremely lucky to have, literally, longer days!  Today is Friday, and I’m looking back on a mind-boggling week.  In the last seven days, we have

  • Made four kinds of ice cream,
  • Laid out, edited, produced and "published" (printed out and punch-bound) 26 student magazines AND had all the parents in for the Publishing Party (with refreshments!),
  • Taken a day-long field trip to Platteville (mining museum), Belmont (Wisconsin’s first capital) and Mineral Point (Cornish miners’ settlement),
  • Hosted next-years students (it’s called "Switcheroo Day),
  • Finished up this years’ math, spelling and geography lessons,
  • Held a blow-out half-price sale with the School Store and discussed where to donate the profits,
  • Told 26 nine, ten and eleven-year-olds where babies come from (eeuw!), and
  • Done more loads of dishes at school than at home!

So it’s no wonder that when I get home I’m hoping the wife has made dinner.  Oh, wait…. I’m the wife!  Today I was lucky – I had hauled home pizza-making leftovers from the publishing party.  Well, I had leftover (kid-made)dough that had sat out too long to refreeze, assorted chopped vegetables, and grated cheese (for Papa’s pizza).  So I whipped up some sauce, made a little tofu ricotta, and viola!  We had four pizzas….. and with Roya not home, it was a huge amount.  Below are the two vegan ones… a traditional-looking tofu-ricotta-topped pie that tasted very good, and the best-tasting-ever pesto and tomato pizza.  Although we didn’t eat until after 7:00, it was wonderful. The pizzas look so misshapen because the dough was too tired to do anything…

There are days I do wish for a wife/servant/whatever, but I think I’d much rather cook than mow!  By the time we finished eating it was 8:00 p.m., and it’s so incredibly close to the Solstice that the sun was still up in some parts of the neighborhood.  (That is, up out of the valley.)  And it was still light enough in our yard for someone to get some more mowing in…. there is such a LOT to mow!

You know it’s summer (even though it isn’t as warm yet as it will be…) when you can leave for a three-mile walk after 8:00!!!  I took the camera along…. we are working on a full moon, if you can see it in the sky… in real life, it’s not so pale – it’s huge!

The sun had long ago set in our valley, but at the top of the hill I could still catch another sunset. It made me feel like the Little Prince.
See the corn just beginning to come up?

Tomorrow, for the first weekend in a month, we don’t have to get up ridiculously early.  I just want to sleep late, get up slowly, and make some oatmeal.  Seriously, it’s my favorite breakfast… but my second favorite is granola.  This cool contest/giveaway caught my eye, and it looks awesome because even though I love to make granola I don’t always feel I have the time to do it.  If you win, it sounds like they’ll put whatever you want in it!  But the coolest idea I got from Katie’s blog was to "melt" a banana in the microwave before adding it to the oatmeal.  That sounds delicious and I’m going to try it tomorrow! 

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9 Responses to Longest days of the year

  1. wei_k says:

    Oh, I miss the greenery and the open space….
    Yay for pictures.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your classroom sounds great, Claire. It almost makes me wish I were a teacher. But then, I would have to be a teacher at Wingra, in your classroom!
    Your 2 favorite breakfasts are the same as mine – in the same order.
    I don’t HAVE to get up ridiculously early, but I do anyway. Darn.

    • wingraclaire says:

      And I did, too… just couldn’t sleep! And tomorrow I’m going in to work…
      I’d love it if you were teaching in my classroom.. but then you’d have to stay here!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the link!

  4. Anonymous says:

    you’re way too busy. I’m sure that you will not be able to sleep in late because you’ve been too keyed up. sleeping in on a saturday is physically impossible for me, but sunday is possible. though I’m sure my normal get out of be time is way later than most people :).
    I want a wife too!
    I sort of like/hate oatmeal. of course I like it w/ a ton of brown sugar, but that’s not healthy. I like it w/ nutritional yeast, or with granola and fruit mixed in.

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