What’s next, spotted dick?

Last month I made the mistake of thinking "mushy peas" sounded funny, and was roundly set straight by my British blogger friends!  In fact, I have learned that mushy peas are not only vegan (despite being made from something called ‘marrowfat peas’) but also a delicious and traditional staple served with fish and chips.  Jeni Treehugger has even offered to send me some!  An internet search confirms that people around the world love them, so now of course I want to try them… I was grateful for the offer, but thought I’d be able to find some here.  After all, we have many stores with imported food.  It should be a snap, right?  My first stop was Woodman’s, which  sells ethnic foods of all kinds.  I already knew for a fact they carried treacle, and on the day I visited I also found some kind of pudding called Spotted Dick, which I hesitate to impugn just in case it might be a)delicious and b) vegan…. but at least I know where to find it, which is more than I can say for musy peas at this point.  Woodman’s didn’t have it and neither, so far, has Copp’s.  I’m going to keep looking, though!  I’ve also found some recipes online in case I find some marrowfat peas.

This long story is all an introduction to today’s post about what we had for dinner.  Today it is the weekend, high school graduation, AND the Mount Horeb Frolic (complete with midway and games… the parade is tomorrow).  So of course it is fifty degrees, windy and raining!  Very un-June-like!  This led us to make a large pot of split pea soup, which is the closest I’ll probably  be to eating mushy peas this week…. we ate a whole lot of it because it is so cold in the house.  Of course we have already turned the furnace off!

Today I also joined the health club where Roya works.  I’m still wondering whether it was a good idea – that is, will I go enough to make it worthwhile?  According to Wisconsin law I have three days to back out of it.  However, I WANT to be more fit, so I will try!  After joining and paying, I came home and took a 3-mile walk in the rain.  Hmmm…. what was wrong with THAT picture?  I could have been running on a treadmill in a nice, warm facility with the TV on…. but I like it outdoors, I guess.

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10 Responses to What’s next, spotted dick?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ll be following the health club idea closely. What is Roya’s job there? Is she a personal trainer? Right now I/m sidelined by a gardening injury. I now know that gardening is a dangerous activity!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The offer still stands – we could do a package swap if you’re happier with that?? AND spotted dick is DEE-LEEES-CIOUS!
    It can easily be made vegan too so there ya go.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure you’ll have fun at the gym taking advantage of all the great equipment. having a session w/ a personal trainer once a month or so is good because they can give you incentive and help amp up your workout. I do miss step classes.
    If I lived next door to a gym, then I’d join one. I need to have it looming right next to me to nag me every day. I don’t, so I bought an elliptical because it was about the cost of a year at the gym and I was sick of signing up at the gym and never goign after the first 2 weeks. the elliptical is good because it doesn’t beat on your knees. I’m at the point where I will start up netflix again so I can get a variety of workout dvd’s.

  4. wei_k says:

    So I should be buying some mushy peas here now that we know they actually don’t contain marrow. But ‘mushy’ doesn’t exactly make it sound appetizing!
    And about those Briitish desserts…. guess what would probably be blocked if you did an internet search under China’s new software… (haha)

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