Vegan Cupcakes Took Over My Night!

Our staff has a tradition of picking names and preparing birthday treats.  I picked the name of someone whose birthday is June 30th, and I wanted to get it close to the actual day.  It’s going to be a busy week, so this evening I made her choice, which was carrot cake.  For some unknown reason, I chose a recipe I’d written down ages ago and never actually made.  The instructions optimistically stated it took 30 minutes to prepare; however, that was inaccurate.  In any case, I doubled the recipe, ended up with way too much, and made some cupcakes which we will keep at home.  It’s my birthday Tuesday and this way we’ll have some cake… although it breaks my rule of never baking my own birthday cake 🙂   I also made some frosting but that’ll have to wait until tomorrow.  It’s taking waaaaaay too long for that cake to cool!

Because the cake took so long, I didn’t do much for dinner, but the "not much" was perfect.  I threw some tempeh in the oven to make Tempeh Croutons, but covered them to stay moist.  Toward the end we put in some asparagus and red pepper, which I swear is really red despite my camera’s insistence that it must be pink.  We had it over brown rice and it was fabulous. 

If the cake turns out to taste good I will post the recipe… until then, good night!

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2 Responses to Vegan Cupcakes Took Over My Night!

  1. Anonymous says:

    we have the same rule: one shouldn’t make one’s own bday cake. that’s how andy learned to make a cake 🙂

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