If a tree falls on your power line, does the electric company know about it?

Last night we lost power for a few hours after a tree branch fell on our power line.  I only mention that because I had spent a lot of time cooking (and photographing) but could not post any photos.  

The garden this year is coming along in a few very specific departments, particularly the beans!  After the last few years, when I thought I could never stand to see a green bean again, we planted yellow ones.  I finally understand why they are called "wax" beans – when steamed, they kind of squeak against your teeth!   Well, the yellow beans were my choice, and so were the cute zucchinis.  I think I was charmed by the idea that they are best picked SMALL.  We picked the first one yesterday, and made roasted vegetables with it plus some beans.   Also, below is some fabulous potato salad made with a vinaigrette dressing (with added beans).  The tiny potatoes are from our neighbor’s garden.  I really wanted a mayo-free salad and this one was awesome.   And of course, there are beans in the stir-fry too….

Other things in the garden have not done as well as well as usual – possibly because it has been a cooler and drier summer so far. For instance, we usually are up to our ears in chard, but so far it’s been so-so.  This evening I made our favorite "cheesey chard" and used red quinoa instead of rice.  It was even better that way.

Yesterday was a day for dessert making, too.  Just a whole lot of things coming together at once…. a plethora of black caps, some really ripe peaches, and a kindness to repay all resulted in fruit crisp, peach ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies.  I made the cookies for the janitorial staff who helped me move my classroom furniture into place yesterday, but there were enough for me to also bring some to my Strategies for Teaching Literacy (or whatever it’s called) class meeting, and everyone loved them.  The recipe is from Vive le Vegan!  And they are delicious.  I got the ice cream recipe from vegfamily.com.  All you do is grind one cup of cashews to powder in a food processor, and then add three cups of chopped peaches, a teaspoon of vanilla, 1/2 cup of maple syrup (well, I used agave instead) and a pinch of cardomon.  Unfortunately, I only had TWO cups of peaches, so I threw in a banana too.  You need to chill the mixture overnight before making the ice cream.  I think it came out tasting very good, and now I’m ready to try other combinations…..

Between cooking what’s in the garden and working on my course assignments, it’s a good thing we don’t have any company, because I’m not paying much attention to anything else……

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7 Responses to If a tree falls on your power line, does the electric company know about it?

  1. wei_k says:

    So many beans in the first pictures!!
    And the desserts look delicious.
    Ha on the title of this entry. Clever.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm. Our beans haven’t even flowered yet. I may not get to harvest any before we leave. The chard is big but something is eating it. The broccoli is doing great and there are lots of green tomatoes. Lots of basil, too. I should have planted zucchini.
    Ken tried to buy red quinoa at Willy St. and they told him they were sold out until the next harvest!
    The ice cream sounds similar to one i posted not long ago, but I used frozen mango so no chilling was necessary. It was the best ice cream I’ve made, though the last one was really good, too.
    Can you blanch and freeze some of the beans so you don’t get sick of them? Or maybe not put them into every dish? 😀 Do you have any problems with Japanese beetles on the beans?

    • wingraclaire says:

      We have frozen beans in the past and I might do some this weekend. It’d mean taking the ice cream maker out of the freezer though 🙂
      I will bring you some beans if you want! I saw an honest-to-gosh real ladybug on one leaf and I almost fell over. I think it was a ladybug and not the detested Asian Beetle. So I let it sit there.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe you should bring me the ladybug. Do they eat Japanese beetles or just aphids? If you have too many wax beans, I’d love some. I think planting wax beans was a good choice, because they’re yellow and you can see them. I remember last year I had so much trouble finding the green beans on the plants!
        I think when I froze my beans they came out mushy. Really gross and mushy.
        I’d remove the beans from the freezer before I’d remove the ice cream maker. 😀

  3. Anonymous says:

    we have so many power outages here, and for the lamest reasons. the funny thing is that the main road has above ground lines, while the private road that I live on (and many many others share) has underground lines. if only they would put main roads lines underground, they wouldn’t have such an issue when there are wind storms. some say it is a conspiracy. oooh! how exciting.
    I’ve been picking blackberries like crazy. their days are numbered because I’m going to hopefully have time to hack them down (and pull up roots) before November hits. until then, I will keep making pies and muffins and whatever else I can think of.
    I found the best crispy chocolate chip cookie recipe from joy of vegan baking. i only changed a couple of things. sub 1/4 cup spelt flour for 1/4 cup regular. flatten cookies before baking. don’t use a silpat. bake until the tops are really brown. mmmmm…

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