Still running

So last Sunday I returned from a month of traveling, and hit the ground running…. on Monday I returned to school and worked six days in a row getting my room ready for school to start TOMORROW!!!! And here it is:

Today, on my one day off, I went to the gym, visited Claudia, came home and cooked more garden food (zucchini bread, fresh stuff sauteed and served on buckwheat groats, roasted potatoes).   Yesterday we used a whole lotta chard to make "cheesy chard," recipe provided ad nauseaum in past posts….. below, however, is a photo of just the chopped chard stems.  This year we grew three colors of chard, and it’s pretty:

Also, we grew some cute mini-cabbages this year. One went into a delicious dish that didn’t photograph well.

Tonight we’re a little concerned about the garden, as the forecast is for possible FROST! It has been very chilly at night lately, not very summery during the day, and in general feels like a very early fall.  Seriously, I almost feel like I should be picking apples or carving a pumpkin, and it’s still August!

Apologies to anyone whose blog I haven’t read, but next weekend I’ll have more time…. right now I’m going to bed.  I hope to have no more night-before-school dreams; recently Lisa and I have had our traditional "we called them to Group and they didn’t come!" dreams…… and last week I dreamed it was the first day of school and kids just kept coming and coming into the room.  There were at least 30 kids, and I didn’t recognize most of them.  And HOW many years have we been teaching? 

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3 Responses to Still running

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s too early for school to start! And for frost! I’m living in my delusional world of sun in Seattle right now and while I do look forward to having squash based soups, I want to do some more lollygagging in the sun. wow, I’m such a cry baby 🙂
    welcome back! now that you’re back, I’m on a 2 month get yard stuff done before the real rain starts blog vaca. we’ll sync up at some point. In the meanwhile, have fun and keep blogging about awesome food.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That cabbage really IS cute. Your room looks very beautiful and inviting but it’s too bad scholl has to start before labor day. What’s with that anyway?
    I just read a farmers almanac prediction for extreme cold and snow in the mid-west. Not that I believe any of it but thought I should warn you just the same. Maybe your kids can research what the farmers almanac is predicting and how accurate it’s been over the last 10 years. I hope not very…
    The weather here has been really beautiful – high 70s and sunny every day but I know it will all turn to rain soon. Someone gave me a different perspective on the winter weather recently, and now I’m going to try to think of it as dramatic, rather than horrible. Not sure I can pull this off but will give it a shot.

  3. wei_k says:

    I hope your first days went well!
    And, at Bob & Renee’s Montessori, in the little-kid area, they had a loft! So of course I thought of you, and of Wingra.

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