A Little Non-Food Before Vegan MOFO

Next month (tomorrow!) Vegan MOFO, the Vegan Month of Food, will begin all around the blogosphere.  While I do like to talk about, and eat, and cook, and look at…..etc…..food, there is also more to my life.  For instance, I seem to spend most of said life at school, where last week we built a geodesic dome entirely out of newspaper and, um, masking tape.  (A little too much masking tape, if you ask me, because the top began caving in, hence the internal support.)  It has been standing for a week, to the delight of my kids, who love to read or work inside it.  Naturally, it takes up some valuable real estate, but I don’t have the heart to (oops!) collapse it at night…. what we’d really like is one built out of something sturdier, or a small loft, or some other structure they could make that would be more permanent.  (The neighboring classroom has a loft, so my kids feel left out.)  We’re thinking dowels, pvc pipe, plastic tubing….. but I want something we can do as cheaply as newspaper.  The next challenge is to build a dream home out of Legos.  There.  Wasn’t that almost as interesting as tomorrow’s salad?

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5 Responses to A Little Non-Food Before Vegan MOFO

  1. Anonymous says:

    This reminds me of a greenhouse geodesic dome, instructions of which are
    A permanent structure, but of course not cheap to build!
    As for a lego house…
    ~Felicity at thriftyliving.net

  2. wei_k says:

    Yay, geodesic dome!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Claire, I thought all the classrooms had lofts? They used to. What happened to all the handy parental units who build such things? The dome is fabulous – I’m impressed. Shouldn’t you put a rug or something underneath?

    • Anonymous says:

      previous comment not intended to be anonymous. There should be a fourth category for “oblivious.”

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