Where’s Congee Wonderland?

Back when we had recently returned from Hong Kong (just six weeks ago – how can that be?), we woke up one morning wondering, Where is Congee Wonderland when we need it?  Located just a few steps from our door, we had eaten breakfast there twice. (Not the best street photo, sorry, but it was pouring rain at the time!)  Basically, congee is white rice boiled in waaaaaay more water than you’d normally use to cook rice regularly, and for way longer, until it just breaks down into a glutinous porridge. People eat it with all kinds of additions, like preserved egg, seafood, tofu, vegetables, etc., but I just had it plain with a little sugar and sesame seeds.  I ate it for breakfast twice when I wasn’t feeling well (thanks to something I ate or drank!), and it was very soothing.  However, never did I enjoy congee more than when we ate it for a midnight dinner after a long day of moving Kailah out of her apartment.  In that instance, we had walked a few blocks in the other direction to find something open, and ate it at a much more, um, authentic? cafe….. if by authentic I mean , "a huge cockroach was scuttling around underfoot."  But we were exhausted, and the bowl of hot congee, coupled with the cup of fresh soymilk, was the best thing I could have possibly had at the moment. 

So, back in Wisconsin, we were faced with our regular oatmeal, and suddenly it just didn’t seem as satisfying.  (Even though, of course, a whole grain oat porridge is more nutritionally sound than a white rice one!)  I looked in the pantry, and decided to doctor up our breakfast with some ground black sesame powder, regular sesame seeds, peanut butter  and a little farina.  Well, it was good!  Now, maybe I’ll just have to find the patience to make my own congee….. perhaps in a slow cooker?

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6 Responses to Where’s Congee Wonderland?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love congee – in my pregan days it was one of my favourite things about yum cha! We have a congee setting on our rice cooker, I haven’t used it yet though.
    (Kittens Gone Lentil)

  2. Anonymous says:

    There’s a macrobiotic version of congee made with brown rice in a pressure cooker but I’m sure you could make it in a regular pot. Same idea of cooking a long time in a LOT of water. It tastes really good!

  3. wei_k says:

    I’ve never made it, but apparently it’s easy to make and doesn’t actually take very long.

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