Garden wrap-up, 1

Seems we just planted that garden, and now we’re harvesting the end of it!  Hard to tell from the photo, but we have some enormous beets, which sort of make up for the miniscule eggplants and peppers.  With those beets, we recently made some of the best borscht ever, courtesy of the good old Deaf Smith Cookbook!  Here it is served with a few boiled potatoes dropped in, and photographed quickly while they still had a chance of staying white.  In my family it was also traditional to add sour cream (which I never liked), or chopped egg.  Anyway, it was great just like this.

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4 Responses to Garden wrap-up, 1

  1. wei_k says:

    Is this indicative I’ve been away??
    My first thought for what’s in the top picture: red sticky rice with mango!

  2. Awesome harvest and that borscht looks good.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We had no peppers or eggplant from our garden this year. And for some bizarre reason, I didn’t plant beets! But we did have lots of other stuff. The borscht looks really good. Mmm, yeah, recipe please 🙂
    ~Felicity at

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