Garden wrap-up, 2

This may not look like "garden food," but we were getting tired of just stir-frying all of the zucchini, tomatoes, onions, peppers, etc and eating them over rice or whatever – not that we have no imagination, but just not a lot of time now that school has started.  I thought that pizza might be a nice way to use the basil, but we also had broccoli…. so I made some of that tofu sauce with blended-in basil and broccoli, put them in a calzone with some really delicious tomato sauce made from Claudia’s tomatoes (that’s where the sauce went, Claudia, and thanks!) and our onions and peppers (and that ubiquitious zucchini), and baked them.  The thing is, I had never actually made a calzone, and these were enormous!  Very exciting to do, though, and made quite a lunch the next day (half was DEFINITELY enough). The dough was totally effortless, speaking of no time, because I made it in the bread machine (hint to Jeni Treehugger).

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2 Responses to Garden wrap-up, 2

  1. hahahahaha.
    Hint totally taken.
    They look superb and so filling. I just love things wrapped in pastry/dough.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, those are some monster calzones.
    ~Felicity at

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