…….and we’re back!

Yesterday I returned home from the Progressive Education Network conference in Bethesda, Maryland.  As always, I return humbled to pieces and in total awe of how lucky I am to teach where I teach and work withsuch good people around me.  Even though I met some wonderful teachers, and saw some great schools, there really is no place like home…. especially one like mine, with the freedom to teach the way I want to teach.  Nothing beats that!

The Washington, D.C. area, however, does beat the Madison area when it comes to food.  We had to eat out on three of the four nights we were there (the first night, we got in past midnight due to flight delays), and on two of those nights I had simply amazing meals.  Those photos are on another camera (my school one  –  oops!), but suffice to say that I was so inspired I had to try to recreate perfection when I went to make dinner last night.  

I began with the Vegetarian Epicure’s Spiced Dal.  Of all the recipes I ever make, this is consistently the most delicious. Do I know how to take a food photo or what?

Because we still had all the same ingredients in the house as we did before I left, I began making the Cabbage Curry with Tofu, or whatever it’s called, from Lorna Sass’ Shortcut Vegetarian Cooking.  Then I remembered I didn’t really like that recipe and was just making it to use up cabbage.  So I changed the recipe by slightly frying the tofu cubes in a bit of oil, then adding all the spices and continuing to saute until they seemed perfect.  I removed them from the pan and sauteed garden onion, pepper, zucchini, and cabbage. 

I added back the tofu, tossed in a garden tomato and a few frozen peas, and let it simmer a few minutes.  Well, it was much better than the original that way, so I’m going to have to remember that for next time. 

In fact, the whole thing was so good we couldn’t stop eating it.  Maybe it wasn’t as perfect as the food at Shangri-La in Bethesda…. but it was cheap, plentiful, and made right at home šŸ™‚ 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a perfect dinner!

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