Best restaurant ever

Before my trip to Maryland, I asked a friend who lived there to suggest some restaurants.  There were several possibilities, but the only real vegan one in the bunch was, amazingly, around the corner from our hotel – a five minute walk!  Located in a nondescript strip mall, it didn’t look too promising at first glance.

Imagine how thrilled we were, then to see the following signs on the door!

There were nine in our group, and we each ordered something different.  Then we put it all on the enormous lazy Susan in the center of the table and tried everything.  I only photographed what I ordered, although even that was viewed as lunacy.  Below you’ll see my butternut squash bisque, "bamboo rafts," (with some kind of sauce – unfortunately, the least appealing item we were served), and some kind of mock duck hot pot.  Normally I’m not into faux meats, but the picture looked good, and indeed it tasted delicious.  The best of the night was an eggplant dish that melted in our mouths.  We were all insanely happy with all of that food, and lucky to find it!  (Because the next night I ate a boring taco salad with vegetarian chili on it at some bar & grill in DuPont Circle…. the company was fun, but I was longing for Vegetable Garden!)

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4 Responses to Best restaurant ever

  1. Anonymous says:

    Did you say pictures?

  2. Good to see you back. I’m on my mum’s laptop and for some reason I can’t see the photos but it sounds like you managed to find some good vegan grub.

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