Precipitation all around

For the past few days…. wait, for the past week, not a day has gone by without some form of stuff falling from the sky.  It began with more snow, and then mid-week we had a bunch of rain and freezing rain, which later changed to snow.  On Christmas day, before we got the "more snow" part, R and I tromped around the property in the heavy, rain-saturated white stuff and even did a little sledding…..

….I found out the Yaktrax fit onto one of my favorite pairs of shoes…

…and we watched an old movie, The Conversation.  R had written a term paper about some symbolism in it, so she owns it now. 

Yesterday, we became some of the cool and hip people, or just felt like them, when we went to see Avatar in 3D at the IMAX theater.  Afterwards, we picked up E and all went out to Vientiane Palace for dinner.  We had the most delicious food ever, and the restaurant was 100% empty except for us.  I hope it was worth it for them to be open!  All that was missing was the person who’s actually been to Laos and Thailand!

Today we were given the gift of granola and banana bread (thanks, Claudia!) and a place to bake our seitan (thanks again….).  Although we do not celebrate Christmas, we have been patiently waiting out the holiday until our oven can be fixed; we have not had access to it since Christmas Eve morning due to some computer glitch in the clock panel, which locked it in a way we cannot open.  In other kitchen news, our sink faucet is also broken, which makes the holiday weekend extra special.  Luckily, we have another little "prep" sink in the kitchen, which is doing the work of the other, except for the large pots and pans.  I’ll be glad when we can get people in to fix this stuff, as we had hoped to bake cookies, and whatever else it is we’re supposed to do on our winter break. We have another three-day week coming up, so perhaps we can squeeze in some home repairs!

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1 Response to Precipitation all around

  1. wei_k says:

    -I’m so glad to see the Yaktrax fit on your boots. Now, how do they work on snow and ice?
    -mmmm, Vientiane Palace… when I come back to Wisconsin I really want to go eat there!

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