What’s the opposite of “dashing?”

……. because whatever it is, that’s what we did through the snow to get to work, and through even more of it to get home.  The National Weather Service had predicted 3 – 5", but this was definitely much more….here’s the scene we came home to late this afternoon…

In other news, we still had a lot of carrots, and someone (not me!) cooked the greatest carrot soup imaginable!  He started by peeling and chopping, then cooking carrots and potatoes.  Meanwhile, he sauteed onions, garlic and cashews.  He pureed them, along with some ginger and sherry, then reheated it all….. it was so delicious, and the night was so cold, that I just about swooned over that stuff.  It was mighty thick, though, almost like a thin baby food… and that’s when he realized he had left out the milk he was supposed to add during the puree stage.  No matter, because I decided I loved it just the way it was.

Tonight I also made soup, again with stored garden stuff.  We still have a few beets, and onions, and of course there are those carrots!!!

Finally, it’s January, and so here is the first page of my new calendar (I photographed it at home, although it is now hanging in my classroom):

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2 Responses to What’s the opposite of “dashing?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The opposite of dashing? Slogging? Dragging? Slipping? Creeping? Sheesh. I think you’ve had enough snow. And I also think we’ve had enough rain. Why is it taking so long to be spring?
    At least you’ve had some spectacular soups to keep you warm. The carrot soup looks especially fine. Have you ever made carrot sauce for pasta? It’s like that soup with the addition of a small beet for color, and some lemon juice for tang. It’s really good.

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