Cold days, hot soup

My oven is fixed!!!!  And I have baked some stuff — muffins, enchiladas, potatoes — but it’s been so cold, these days we just can’t get enough soupOn Sunday, for instance, it was -15F when we woke up!  Every time we went outside, our bodies protested.  This called for some serious soup.  I made some curried cauliflower soup (interesting), and we’re still eating it.  This evening when I came home, someone else was doing the cooking, which is always appreciated!  He had seen this recipe in this week’s issue of Isthmus, and felt obligated to try it.  After all, how often does a food writer/critic make this kind of effort?  Usually when I read a restaurant review, it’s describing how the prosciutto melts in your mouth, or whatever.  So this was super easy, it made a ton, and (in case you’re going to go right out there and try it), we think that two teaspoons of red pepper flakes was a bit much.  Bon Appetit!

Oh, and the temperature did a big swing today!  It was +20F this afternoon!  Amazing!  We took a walk to the library — all 26 kids, me and the student teacher, two miles, and they loved it!  (Um, well, most of them did!)

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7 Responses to Cold days, hot soup

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yay for your fixed oven! That must be such a relief. I went without an oven for about a month once and it was getting ridiculous. I *needed* something hearty and hot and straight off the range, and I had to make do with greasy take out and raw food….UGH. I wasn’t too happy!
    20F??? I am freezing just thinking about it!
    – The Voracious Vegan –

  2. Anonymous says:

    Claire, I’m so glad you have a working oven at last. Wow, running water and an oven really up the “modern life” stakes at your house! And I know how wonderful that 20˚ felt after the deep freeze. I’ve been getting sinus headaches from the constant rain and damp here, even though it’s (theoretically) not cold. The damp chill makes me want soup, too, and we eat a lot of it. I’ve been craving miso soup, but whatever is in your pot sure looks good. I’ll check it out.
    I’ve looked for you on googletalk a couple of times – maybe we can talk this weekend.
    Love, Andrea

  3. Minus 20!!! Holy Schmoly!
    That Tofu Stew looks AMAZING and how nice to have it made for you.
    Keep warm buddy – ’tis a looooong way for me to come to dig you out with my snow shovels.

  4. wei_k says:

    That soup sounds & looks delicious, perfect for cold weather!!

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