Garden Art

If you’re a serious gardener, you’ll know just from looking at these carrots that they should have been thinned earlier, or planted in sandier soil, or whatever.  If not, you might just think we got really really creative with our carrots:

I used them to make this delicious soup from Thrifty Living.  Unfortunately, as I was in the midst of cooking I realized I had almost no cumin left, so I added some curry (on the premise that there is cumin in curry powder) and while I was adulterating it I threw in some ginger as well.  It was great!  We had it with roasted potatoes and blueberry muffins.  Perfect for a really gray, damp day.  

We woke up on this gray, damp day to see lots of interesting hoarfrost on the trees.  This got us thinking that we knew what hoarfrost was, and what the word hoary meant, but didn’t know what the work hoar itself meant.  So we looked it up in the dictionary and it turns out hoar is just a Middle English word meaning frost, so when you’re saying hoarfrost you’re really being redundant.  I’ll bet you always wondered what teachers do for fun on the weekend, and I guess you know now!

This evening is my father’s Yartzeit, which is the anniversary of a death on the Jewish calendar.  Here’s the last photo I have of my dad,with my mom, taken in December of 1970, just before his 47th birthday. So I lit a candle…. and I’m thinking good thoughts.

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3 Responses to Garden Art

  1. Anonymous says:

    I find the carrot on the left to me particularly enchanting. (maybe I just mean weird!)
    Thinking of you as you light the candle.
    love, Andrea

  2. wei_k says:

    and–nice carrots. 🙂

  3. Bless your dad and your brother and you.
    Those carrots are amazing.

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