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Real First Night of Passover

Because we had had the multi-family Seder on Saturday, tonight’s meal was simple and sufficient.  For years, as we cooked more food than we could possibly eat, we always said that by the time we’re finished eating the matzoh ball … Continue reading

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Early Passover

Passover came early for us this year.  A Seder on Saturday night (last night) fit into everyone’s schedule better, although I now feel slightly out of kilter, as today I felt guilty eating bread……  About Passover this year, I have … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring

Watercress. Crocuses.Snow that falls, but melts. Rain. Mud (lots and lots of mud).Spring Break!!!!!!!  (Starting tomorrow after school…..)

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Dinner with the traitor was excellent

Last week (hmmmmmm….. two weeks ago by now!) we took our son out to dinner for his 22nd birthday.  It was his golden birthday, like he cared!  Since it was his choice, we went to Fugu Restaurant in Madison, which … Continue reading

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