Having a Wonderful Time; Wish You Were Here

It’s spring break and many people are in Florida or somewhere warm.  I am here in Wisconsin.  Fortunately, the weather has been unseasonably warm for the past couple of days, and yesterday it even got over 80F, which is hotter than some summer days were last year.  I started running again (if you can call it that) in shorts!  Yesterday, to take advantage of having the time off and also having Madison more to ourselves with all the college students away, we went to beautiful downtown/campus area for the day.  We began at the Chazen museum of art, which has been there my whole life, just about, and with the same old favorite permanent collection.  This week there is a new, and very controversial addition to the modern collection, however, and  you should either read about it here or shield your eyes if you don’t like to see homosexual art with larger than life male goats…. and I’ll just leave it at that.  Pretty impressive up close. 

After that, we walked up and down State Street, looking for lunch.  Because it was such a fine day, and because it’s Passover (which rules out a lot), and because the food carts were out, we decided to have an outdoor picnic with whatever we could find in the carts.  Now I’m going to say right up front that we made the decision long ago to identify with the Sephardic group of Jews, who eat rice on Passover, and we also eat beans.  So rice and beans from Jamerica seemed like an obvious choice. 

They had something on special we’d never tried, called a Vegetable Patty, served on top of those rice and beans, consisting (they said) of cabbage, carrots, spinach and peppers.  Sounded great, so we ordered two and then I went in search of some fresh squeezed juice.  By the time I got back with my carrot juice, the "patties" had already been paid for and carried away by my husband, and we both realized that it had been either bad spelling or false advertising, because they were pasties, and of course in some kind of dough.  Well, we took our guilty selves down to the Union Terrace and ate it anyway….. not going to toss it out….
It was warm and windy and beautiful at the Union, where if you have a faculty ID you can buy beer (I know, not kosher for Passover, but I wasn’t the one who drank it…) and hang out like a student.  Another place we have been coming at all stages of our lives…

Heading towards home, we stopped at beautiful Lothlorien Cooperative to see Eli briefly, and then made a couple last purchases – treats for the evening’s movie night.  At Community Pharmacy, my husband bought some of his favorite Primal Strips, while I went for something new: a vegan candy bar supposedly tasting like a Three Musketeers Bar.  Well, it was delicious, but waaaaaaaay too sweet:

Much better was this "stone ground" chocolate (I think it says they grind the cocoa nibs so it’s kind of gritty) made, as it turns out, in Somerville, MA!

Back at home, I went running and then we ate the last of the Seder leftovers.  We took those dry-ish knishes, covered them with fire-roasted tomato pasta sauce, sauteed onions, mushrooms, and basil, and baked it…. it turned out to be a cross between enchiladas and lasagna, and very very good. In the evening, we watched the second of three film noir movies R recommended from her U of M class.  This one was Gilda, and the previous night had been The Lady from Shanghai, both starring Rita Hayworth.  And both great!  

Today is not as warm, cloudy and windier, so I’m glad we had our spring break day yesterday….. party on!

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5 Responses to Having a Wonderful Time; Wish You Were Here

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a great day! I love doing all those things, and you made me really homesick. The weather here sucks today – it’s rainy and WINDY. We’re having some sort of violent-weather-producing super low system passing through. The prediction for the mountains is up to three feet of snow! I’m staying indoors.

  2. wei_k says:

    Interesting art display!
    All the food sounds and looks delicious, and great pictures!! You still should try that Raw Revolution bar; see if they have it Willy Street maybe?

  3. Anonymous says:

    at first I thought you went to jamaica and were hanging out in the sun. but 80 degrees is 80 no matter where you are :).

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