A long week, but not as long as geologic time…

This week at school was all about Wisconsin geology.  On Monday we made a timeline, with yarn, of different eras and periods, etc, extending back to pre-Cambrian.  Different colors of yarn represented different periods, and pre-Cambrian stretched all the way across the playground.  The few millimeters at the end of the line represented how long people have been on Earth (that is, not very).  We  made glaciers by mixing water with sand, soil and gravel and then freezing it; the next day we let them melt outdoors to see how glacial melt created the moraines and other hills that make up Wisconsin’s topography. 

We mixed LOTS of sand, soil, gravel and rocks with water, put it all in jars, and are prepared to wait a few hundred thousand years for sedimentary rocks to form.  (In just a few days, layers are starting to separate out.)  (No photos that don’t contain children so you’ll have to use your imagination.)  We sang the Antigo Silt Loam song (that’s the state soil) and learned about the physical regions of Wisconsin.  Next week will be all about the rock cycle. 

Did I say this week was all about Wisconsin geology?  Oh, my mistake.  It was all about KNO, which is Kids’ Night Out.  For the last three weeks, students have been rehearsing plays during every recess time, and on Wednesday the extravaganza was performed to an adoring crowd of parents and alumni.  (And the exhausted teachers.)

So it was a long week, as usual.  Today an old roommate of mine paid a visit.  It wasn’t a social call; at least not at first.  She’s begun to sell Cutco brand knives through home visits, and wanted to practice her sales pitch.  By the end of it all I was totally sold on those knives, although I didn’t want to spend that much money…. still, for all the chopping I do, it would be nice to have something with a lifetime guarantee (including the free sharpening for life!) that cuts so well.  So who knows, maybe I’ll do it anyway!

And of course we have been cooking…..nothing special, but lots of comfort food for our long week!

Lentil pilaf, roasted potatoes, roasted asparagus, cole slaw

In the week to come, I’ll be eating out almost every night.  Just a coincidence, but our vegetarian meetup group will be dining at a local pizza restaurant that will feature all vegan pizzas made with Daiya cheese…. on Wednesday I’ll be out with my cancer group … Thursday night it’s the Wingra spring concert (so, staying in town and eating somewhere) … and on Saturday, our local Alliance for Animals spring fiesta dinner with vegan burritos (ole!).  Sounds tasty!

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1 Response to A long week, but not as long as geologic time…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow. You guys take hands-on learning to a whole new level!
    I’m seriously jealous of all the vegan events you’ll be attending. When we come back to visit in July, I hope there will be at least one we can go to. (I remember the burrito dinner from last year.)

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