Pretty darn good

On Monday, my husband and I went to Roman Candle Pizzeria in Middleton (there are three in the Madison area) for a Vegetarian Meetup Group dinner.  For me, the draw was to sample Daiya cheese on a pizza, and in general to just eat pizza!  I was not disappointed.

The meal started with a "Spring Pea, Potato and Leek Soup."  That’s pureed roasted carrot in top!  I loved it, and after eating the soup, salad, and bruschetta on rounds of French bread, I was already full enough.  Still, I was there for a reason, and that was to taste the two vegan pizzas Roman Candle was offering.  The first, the "Animal Lovers Pizza," is apparently always on the menu.  It was topped with spinach, basil, broccoli, onion, and pureed roasted red pepper.  For the occasion, half of each pizza had the Daiya cheese and the other half was plain.  This pizza was my second-favorite (out of two; I’m pretty easy) and I had the cheeseless kind.

The one we really liked was the "Vegan Destroyer."  It had artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, toasted pine nuts, and I don’t know what else, but it was awesome.  I ate one piece with and one without, the cheese.  My conclusion is that the cheese is indeed delicious, especially when finely shredded and sprinkled on as it was here.  In the end, though, I liked the cheeseless one just as well.  I can’t buy Daiya yet here (I looked at the coop yesterday: nope), but I’m not sure whether I would even if I could.  According to what I have read, it’s made of tapioca and some other kind of starch, so tasty but not really nutritious.  That’s why it’ll be, as Cookie Monster sings, a "sometimes" food.

It was a busy week after that.  On Tuesday night it was Zumba, my weekly opportunity to get over myself as I attempt to not whack myself with weights whilst clomping around to music I would never normally listen to, while our teacher rewards our least efforts with a beautiful smile. 

On Wednesday evening I went to my monthly cancer meeting, which is always uplifting.  I’m not joking, actually.  I like bonding with others who have the same things to complain about, and then in the end we get all cheered up thinking about how we’re alive.  Which was why I ordered a lot of food for dinner.  It was a horrible day, the worst in a string of days that could hardly have gotten any worse, but managed to do so.  In the case of that particular evening, it was in the 40’s (F!) and raining, and windy, and in general miserable outside.  I ordered black bean soup, and then a salad burrito, which comes with cheese normally.  They were happy to leave out the cheese for me (and the cheese and sour cream from the soup, and the corn bread that contained milk from the soup), but wanted to charge me for substituting avocado for the cheese.  So I said to forget it, because I was only going on so much of a fling.  The hot soup helped a lot!

On Thursday, which was yesterday, I stayed in town for my school’s spring concert.  I had some errands on the East side of town, so it was a good day to go to the coop.  While there, I ordered dinner from the store’s deli, which I never, ever do, because I was fending for myself and also still somewhat in the do-what-you-want mood.  (And I was tired).  I was able to get a great plate of quinoa-bean-corn salad, curried potato salad, and pea pods with sesame seeds, and ate it in the dining area feeling very special.  Then I went to the concert, in which the little angels sang like little angels, and while they were offstage they ran around whacking each other on the heads, just like they always do.

Today there was a break in the weather.  Instead of cloudy, windy and cold, it was actually partly sunny, windy and …. warmer.  60’s.  Out on the playground, we participated in the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope for Heart.  I had fun at the hopscotch station.  Of course, we actually learned stuff, too.  After that I came home and plotzed.  It’s always a long week  because we get up at 5:00 every day, so any time we have an evening activity it adds to a day where we are already just fine with going home.   This week is pretty typical of May, which is second only to December for social, end-of-school-year type events.  And of course, if you have a life….

Tomorrow I’m going to the Alliance for Animals vegan fiesta, where I’ll get a burrito and hang out with people….. sounds like fun!

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3 Responses to Pretty darn good

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad to see they were able to host a meet-up. When we went there to get a vegan pizza, they said they couldn’t guarantee it would be vegan, even if we left the cheese off. They kind of told us not to order pizza there. They’ve come a long way!
    I’ll miss going to the vegan fiesta with you.

  2. wei_k says:

    I always like reading your blog!! Good food is so important. Sometimes I forget until I eat something very good, and it makes me remember.
    At that vegan cafe in Pensacola they had a sign that said their vegan cheese was cashew-based.
    I hope your week this week is better than last week! ❤

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