Cooking without a clue

I have my pride, and I certainly did want to finish assembling our grill sometime this decade, and so I used the long weekend to work on it some more.  I swear, Lego sets come with better directions….. but finally it was done.

That meant we could do what every other red-blooded American seems to do on Memorial Day (besides visiting the ceremony and honoring our fallen dead, which is really what we should be doing), and that is to throw some tempeh on the grill.  At least, isn’t that what they do?  I’m a little out of touch.  

As I had absolutely no idea how to actually cook on this grill, I sought advice from Claudia and from Veganomicon, and both were very helpful.

Brown rice, check,

cole slaw, check,

furry children, check and check,

I’m not sure what Spotty is thinking here, but it could be, "Why couldn’t I have been abandoned on the doorstep of someone carnivorous?"

In other news, our school year is winding up waaaaaay too quickly for me.  We had our field trip to Aztalan State Park under the scorching sun, melted all those crayons for Switcheroo Day (a big hit, by the way), and are getting ready for the Student Run Unit, in which the kids will plan our activities. 

There are still eight days left of school; unfortunately, my social life is making everything more hectic.  Next weekend we’ll be gone Friday to Sunday) at a wedding, and the following weekend we have to fly to Boston for a Bat Mitzvah — all good stuff, but extra planning all around at a time I need to focus.  Oh well, it’s never boring, at least!

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5 Responses to Cooking without a clue

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m impressed with your dedication and skill. And I’m so planning to come for a barbecue this summer! Yeah!

  2. HURRAH!
    I’m impressed – that is some serious bit of equipment!
    I’d trade places with Spotty any day, and your other cats seems to like living with a vegan – he’s a right little tubster isn’t he!
    (Please don’t tell him I said that though.)

  3. wei_k says:

    I always enjoy reading your posts!! They’re so well-humored.
    I’m glad you have fuzzy children to (sort of) share the meal, since the non-fuzzy ones couldn’t come. 🙂

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