So happy to eat locally again

This is the moment we have been waiting for…. a salad made from our own lettuce and chives (and, obviously, other stuff not grown here).  We did grow the sprouts, though…

Last week, in the throes of trying to grill everything we had available, I tried a new recipe that was supposed to be quick and easy (it was from one of my cookbooks called something like Fast and Fresh Vegan Cooking).  Everything I seem to make from these cookbooks takes me twice as long, but whatever.  It called for grilling eggplant, and then spreading it on a plate with lots of fresh greens I didn’t have, but I did have watercress.  And then you were supposed to have lots of fresh coriander, and instead I had basil.  Finally, there was this sauce made from olives, garlic, olive oil and capers, and I didn’t have capers, but it was still delicious, especially when we had it over leftover pasta.  And the grill really did work for the eggplant!  And because I had mushrooms I needed to use up, I grilled them with onion and put that on too.  Served with a glass of wine, it was surprisingly gourmet.

We were trying to use up everything in the refrigerator because we had to leave for the weekend to attend a wedding, and then I’ll be very busy this week with the last week of school, and then on Friday we’ll get on a plane to Boston, this time for a Bat Mitzvah.  So it makes no sense to shop for anything new, and all the sense to use up what we have.

The wedding was wonderful  because the people were wonderful. The groom was the son of our oldest friends, and so many people came from across the country, and even around the world that it was very special.  Several of my old students were there and it was great to catch up.  In addition, we were very excited because at the last minute Andrea and Mr. Easy Vegan decided to come from Seattle.  I’ve missed them a lot! 

We had breakfast with them before the wedding, and the next day too.  At the wedding reception itself, there was nothing at all we could eat, but the chefs graciously made us a pasta dish with grilled vegetables (after Andrea advocated for us), and I was so full after that I didn’t even miss the cake I couldn’t eat….

The wedding was up in Door County, Wisconsin, which is a mixture of tourist attractions and rural recluses.  We couldn’t really experience the lovely scenery, Lake Michigan, nature sanctuaries and other tourist experiences because it was freezing cold and pouring from the time we arrived until just before we left (when, of course, the sun came out).  The rural rugged individuality was very much in evidence at one residence we passed, however.  Want a little hatred with your maple syrup?
On the night we got home, I was jonesing for some real food, and I still had food to use… so I made pizza with cashew cheese and basil (still have basil in the freezer), and rhubarb sauce with this year’s rhubarb, last year’s black caps, and some chunks of apples (plus the peels, which I pulled out before decanting).  Thanks to Claudia for the apple suggestion – it’s much more natural than using powdered pectin, even the natural kind!

OK; this is the last you’ll hear from me for the next week, I predict, but do stay tuned for the food report from the Bat Mitzvah…

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One Response to So happy to eat locally again

  1. Anonymous says:

    hmmmm… I think I’ve seen those 2 before :). sounds like you had fun at the wedding. the dinner you made looks great, I’m currently trying to figure out what to make to supplement some leftover tofu quiche.

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