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We grow food.  We pick it.  We eat it…. in some of the same dishes, over and over, year after year.  So in some ways it feels silly to take a photo of this year’s onions, broccoli (yes! it actually grew after all!), chard, etc. and the "Uncheesey Chard" we made for dinner.  And the banana muffins I made because I was roasting garlic anyway.  I mean, maybe last year’s photos could do?  I’m just saying…

Well, this year’s onions and beets really are very good.  A. made some borscht the other day (not pictured) that was absolutely awesome.  The tomatoes aren’t doing so well, however.  Normally we’d be having them come out our ears… but not this year.  Today I amassed what we had to make some Corn-Tomato salad with garden onions, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes and a lime juice and olive oil dressing.  Pretty good…

And a Roasted Garlic Tomato and Rice soup from Veganomicon.  The recipe called for canned, crushed tomatoes but I just chopped up all our spazzed up larger tomatoes, added some fresh basil, and it was really, really good.  And the best part was…. in the past few days, the heat wave has broken, and it’s actually in the 70’s F during the day, and in the 50’s or 60’s at night!  Last week, when it was so humid I felt like I was wearing a down jacket, or maybe a wet wool one, and the heat index was over 100 F, I was out on the prairie taking soil samples, planting prairie plants, pulling invasive species, and in general learning how to create rain gardens and butterfly gardens and restore wetlands and prairies on our school grounds.  This was a class for teachers, and in the absence of actual children we whined our heads off, especially when we were surrounded and eaten by mosquitoes.  The class lasted the entire week of the heat wave, and we ate a lot of salads… and I barely prepared anything, preferring to come home and continue whining.

Now that I have finished that class and am gearing up for a new school year (teachers report Monday, but we’ll be in on the weekend moving furniture), I’m trying to deal with the only bumper crop we have this year: cucumbers!  I should add, my neighbor also has the same bumper crop, and when she got tired of making pickles she foisted some cucumbers off on me when she realized I was doing the same thing.  Here are a few jars I made the other day; tomorrow, more will join them.  On the left are some of our traditional refrigerator pickles, and on the right it’s "bread and butter."  We didn’t grow any dill this year, and I’m annoyed at not finding any at the store.  Must go find a farmer’s market…

Finally, we are indeed grilling.  Check out Andrea’s lovely post about one evening when we had some successful eggplant whatchamacallit.  It was very good, and thanks, Andrea, for the great photos!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post. I love to see what you’ve grown and cooked — every year! We seem to have an abundance of tomatoes that we’ll never be able to consume before we leave on Saturday, but we’re sure trying.

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