The Times, They Are A-Changing

School started on Monday, and it was hot.  Hot, as in skirt, blouse and sandals hot.  But the weather gods, realizing that everyone’s summer is over when students have to go back to school, took notice.  This morning it was something like 45F, and never got very warm.  After a severe thunderstorm last night with lots of rain, it was cloudy, windy and cold all day.  It was a long week, and after a summer of inconsistent scheduling, it took me no time at all to appreciate that today was Friday and I had permission to celebrate a weekend.  (And because Monday is Labor Day here in the U.S., I actually have a 3-day weekend!)  I was in serious need of comfort food, which is defined as anything that has lots of carbs, fat and…. well, what else do you really need?  When I am in that kind of mood, the only thing that does the trick is peanut sauce on noodles.  Of course, I would have felt really guilty if I didn’t do something with the fresh broccoli, cabbage and carrots we’ve been pulling out of the garden, so I steamed some of that to go on top.  It was exactly what I needed.  (The wine is strictly for my cholesterol….)

In fact, we’ve been trying like mad to use as much garden stuff as we can. Check out the pesto-and-tomato pizza! And last night was a sort of curry with broccoli, tomatoes, cilantro, onions,chickpeas, zucchini that someone had brought in to school, and cauliflower.  On brown rice, because R has left and now we can eat more of that…

When she was still home, we had delicious burritos, one of her favorite meals…

But now we have a new favorite, and I think that this noodle dish will find its place right beneath the peanut noodle recipe.  It’s from 101 Cookbooks and bills itself as a 5-minute pasta sauce.  Well, it took more like ten, but who’s counting?  We LOVED this sauce.  It may look plain, but it’s actually perfect. And if I’d had a little more time, of course there could have been some steamed or sauteed vegetables on top, right?

Here is a remarkable spider R trapped in the kitchen!

And here are some shots of my classroom, just before the kids came in to liven it up with their presence.  We’re very pleased with our latest acquisition, the "breakfast nook," in the corner.  It’s already become a great place to eat snack or do a puzzle.  I rearranged the group area and adopted some new shelves, so the cubbies are in a new place. Well, all in all it’s a more pleasant place to be.  And of course, this year’s crop of kids are just as cute as the last ones…. 

R has made it to Italy!  So check out her blog and buy her a cup of coffee!  Or how about K’s, to find out what’s good in China…. hey, now our immediate family spans three continents! Amazing!

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4 Responses to The Times, They Are A-Changing

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was all set to comment about the great looking food (like the PIZZA!) but then I saw the spider and it was all I could think about. Do you suppose they only live in Mt. Horeb?
    Your classroom looks very inviting, by the way. Love the breakfast nook. Where did you get that?

  2. wei_k says:

    The breakfast nook looks so cozy!! I want one.
    And, I had noodles today for lunch. 🙂 Maybe that will make you, me, and R all having noodles today, hmm?

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