Labor Day Weekend

We just had a three-day weekend, and it was great.  Not so much the weather, which was nice, then abruptly rainy, then overcast, and then nice…. two days in a row, I sprinted out to the clothesline in the pouring rain to grab laundry, which I then put into the drier, and then the sun would come out again… During a moment of sun, I took a few pictures of the yard and the exciting things happening there. For instance, there are the hops, ready to pick,

the asparagus gone to seed, and all ferny-like,

the flower bed, still in bloom (zinnias and sunflowers are good that way),

the willow tree,

the overgrown Secret Lab,

and a long view of the yard and house. 

Oh, and here’s the new lawn tractor, which was purchased just in time to reclaim the lawn from going all native. 

And just to prove you can’t ride your lawn tractor around your yard in peace on Labor Day Weekend, here come some Jehovah’s Witnesses. 

It was a good time to make some food from the abundance of the few items that actually grew in the garden.  Does that make sense?  I mean, the eggplants and zucchini died/didn’t grow, and the tomatoes were mainly blighted, but some things turned out great – like chard, seen here in some "uncheesey chard" with avocado and red quinoa, and posed with some zucchini bread (zucchini grown by someone else!) and garden broccoli and tomato.

Also, someone gave us an enormous eggplant, and we grilled it along with zucchini, served it with that olive-caper-cilantro-garlic dressing, tofu and some sesame noodles.

Turns out we forgot some very important family birthdays!  How could we have let that happen????  Sixteen years ago this October, a few scrawny kittens crawled out of the barn and into R’s fifth birthday party, becoming the most exciting party favors of all time.  Abandoned by their mother, or by someone, one died and two lived.  The vet estimated they were about six weeks old…. making September 1st their approximate birthday.  Happy birthdays to Spotty and Spunky!  And what do they get for their birthday?  Nothing but a big hug.

What’s that?  Can I smell it?  What do you mean, sit still and let me take your picture????

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2 Responses to Labor Day Weekend

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your yard looks so pretty — I don’t know why I keep trying to tempt you to rent our house and live in the city. Just selfish motives, I guess. 😀
    So I see you got a new tractor. The last time we were at your house was when the repairman came to get your old one. But the picture of Alan with the two JWs cracks me up. I remember the photo of the last two religious persons who showed up at your house. What is it with Mt. Horeb? A hotbed of religious activity?
    We had a repairman today, too. He came to fix a shorted out phone wire. (We haven’t had a phone for four days.) But, we don’t have the authority to request service — that had to come from our landlord in China. So what did the repairman do? He called the landlord in China (middle of the night) to tell him he was on his way to our house, and the poor landlord got up and sent us a email. Sheesh.

  2. Pretty pretty garden photos. I’m intrigued by the first one – tell me more please.
    And happy birthday Spotty and Spunky, 16 years is a FAB age and they share the same birthday as me!

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