Shana Tovah!

Today’s the Jewish New Year, and I didn’t go to school.  Instead, I went to services at beautiful, historic Gates of Heaven Synagogue, which was a very nice experience. 

I appreciated it even more later on in the day, when I found out that back at school, two kids in my class were sent home with head lice!!!  My sub had to deal with it…..
and now my head itches, just thinking about it!

Anyway, after services I had a couple of hours before I picked up A from work, so I decided to take a walk by Lake Wingra and Vilas Park.  I started on a footpath off Edgewood Drive, which we used to call the "Secret Road."  At some point in the last few years, a boardwalk has been built out across the cattails, and a nice deck exists for people wanting a little quiet space.  It was a great place to sit and write a letter.

After that, I walked around the park and back through the zoo. 

It has been years and years since I’ve gone there, and there have been many changes.  First of all, there is now tons of signage.  Now, I got a real kick out of all the signs in Hong Kong, telling us what we could and couldn’t do in public parks, so these were kind of funny in comparison. Well-spelled, too, I might add.

Educational, though.  I found out that straws and the little cellophane wrappers that hold them onto juice boxes are bad for wildlife.  Who knew? 

I just thought they were bad for the environment and our health.  Outside the new Visitor Center, a string band was just setting up and beginning to play. 

I sat down to listen to them – they were really great – and suddenly zoo workers appeared all around me, pulling animals out of boxes and containers, like this 3-foot python.  Then I was deluged by kids on a field trip, so it was time to go.  

Back at home, we had a non-traditional dinner of Curried Cabbage and Tofu, from Lorna Sass’ Fast Vegetarian Cookbook, or whatever it’s called. It was delicious.  We had three heads of cabbage from the garden, and now we have two!
It looks a little cheesy, but it’s not – must just be the light.

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2 Responses to Shana Tovah!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy New Year, Claire and “A.” Did Hannah come back to lead services?
    Reading your post made my head itch, too.
    I love the zoo signs — don’t believe I’ve seen those. I’m surprised they don’t include balloons on the list of forbidden items.
    Curried cabbage and tofu sounds good to me — we had enchiladas and smokey black beans with rice.

  2. wei_k says:

    I thought of you yesterday when I saw a sign that said, “Point your Meal Urn,” at the side door of a restaurant. (meaning….?)
    I also have yet to take a pic of the restuarant called “Return to Food.” 😀
    I liked seeing all these pics! But speaking of making your head itch, I cut open a pomegranate this morning and started eating it… only to realize it was swarming with ants!! ewww.

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