This is from a draft I didn’t think the computer saved!

We’ve been having technical difficulties.  Specifically, the internet connection poops out in an unexplained way (the phone company claims it must be our wi-fi modem….) and when it did so at the end of this post, which I wrote earlier in the week, I thought all was lost.  But it saved anyway!  Or most of it.  I must have written this on October 4th or 5th.  Today, Sunday the 10th, it’s a gorgeous and unseasonably warm day, around 80F!  And it was the same yesterday!

This morning we woke to a hard frost.  You know, the kind you actually have to scrape off the windshield and the kind that kills uncovered stuff in the garden.  We’d had frosts for a few days already, and the temps have been steadily falling… both outdoors and in.  Right now the temperature in our house is just about 60F, which isn’t bad as long as we’re bustling around in the kitchen, but feels darn cold sitting around in the evening (bundled in a few sweaters and drinking tea).  Take a look outside and you can really tell it’s fall.

Papa covered up the beets and chard, but let the flowers go after first cutting a last lovely bunch.

We still have some chard, but the basil was at its end, and that is that.

Our garden food focus now turns to root vegetables, peppers and cabbage, which are the last things to come in.  Here’s a lovely melange of chard stems and red onions, about to be turned into a meal:

And we have lots of carrots… funny-shaped, bug-eaten, sweet-tasting carrots:

We made some curried tofu and cabbage.  In one of my cookbooks entitled something like "Fresh and Fast Vegan Pleasures," there is a recipe for something like this.  Or maybe it’s "Lorna Sass’ Shortcut Vegetarian Cookbook." Anyway, I know the basic recipe so I just did it.

Someone gave us a pumpkin and a butternut squash!  I used part of the squash to make The Best Soup on Earth (a.k.a. Gypsy Soup from Moosewood), and the rest to make some muffins.

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2 Responses to This is from a draft I didn’t think the computer saved!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I miss that crazy weather — hard frost and then 80˚. It’s been a pretty boring, steady 60 -65 here. We had some sun during the week but the weekend has been rainy. Elana just left after being here all morning (Papa at work, Mama running a half marathon in Victoria, Canada) and we are about to go run errands. Enjoy the heat while you can!

  2. wei_k says:

    So colorful! Both the beautiful flowers and the veggies.
    you don’t seem to read my blog anymore. :-/

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