It worked!

 When I told my students that mixing flour and water and then letting it sit around for a few days would result in a functional sourdough starter, I was just repeating stuff I had read.  You know, wild yeast spores are in the air and in the flour and blah, blah, blah.  So when it actually worked, I was as excited AND mystified as they were.  It was like magic!  Our first loaf of sourdough bread tasted ok but was heavy and dense.  The instructions had advised proofing the starter overnight, but we only did it four a couple of hours in the morning.  Also, we didn’t let it rise all day, the way we should have.  So in this pre-feeding-frenzy photo, the sourdough loaf looks stunted and unlovely compared to all the others.  (There were six in all; the chickpea-flour flatbread was still in the oven.)

Two kids were absent that day and had missed the excitement.  So that evening, I proofed the starter.  I set it over a pan of warm water and covered it with a blanket.  (My house was quite cold and I didn’t want it to suffer!)  At school the next morning, the kids got going right away, and when they were done kneading the first time we warmed the oven and let it rise there.  In the end, we got this lovely loaf, everyone loved it, and now I know we can do it anytime we want.  (I still have the starter!!!)

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  1. wei_k says:

    can’t view the pics. 😦

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