Some nights it’s just leftovers

Very good leftovers, though: soup, squash, salad, bread.  Sometimes it’s just a long day.  

Now, can you answer the following question?  If a certain pirate captain (we’ll just say it’s Captain Jack Sparrow) doesn’t believe the old pirate lore that if you’re loading up on treasure you must fill your ship in the freshwater port, lest you overload it and capsize it later, well, should he?  That is, if ocean water has a salinity ratio of 35 ppt, and the brackish water in the delta has 17 ppt of salt, and the freshwater has a negligible amount of salt, is it better to fill a ship with treasure in fresh water and take it into salty?  Or in the salty water and bring it into fresh?  Well, my students have exhaustively tested this, and they can tell you the answer. Any guesses?                                                                        

And then, when you get home, it’s late and you’re too tired to make dinner.  That’s life!

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6 Responses to Some nights it’s just leftovers

  1. Anonymous says:

    uh … would the ship be more buoyant in the saltiest water and better able to float? Maybe you could fit more treasure in, in the salt water but then you’d have problems in the fresh? You need to post earlier in the day if you want to challenge us with hard stuff that only children can figure out. 😀

  2. wei_k says:

    This is so cool! I would bet you have to load up in freshwater’s lower salinity so that the ship’s buoyancy is assured in freshwater, vs. loading up in salt water where it’s more buoyant and then possibly being too heavy to float in lower salinity.
    I had to think about it though!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Haha this made me laugh and of course I was totally side tracked by the mention of Captain Sparrow because me and my friends are hanging out at Alicante Marina tomorrow night and it just so happens he has a yacht moored there.
    That’s not classed as stalking is it?????

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