Vegetarian Meetup at Sa-Bai Thong!

Last night Betsy and I went to the most densely populated Meetup dinner ever!   I think we had the entire restaurant!  Betsy, a late addition, was #103, so that’s definitely a lot.  Perhaps it was overwhelming for the staff; certainly, the food took a looooong time in coming.  But we certainly enjoyed the spring roll,

the soup,

the "jungle curry,"

the pad thai (eggless!), 

and this fried-bananas-in-a-wrapper for dessert!  There was some sort of mixup, and initially people were getting their bananas with whipped cream, but that didn’t happen to us, so it was all good.  

If it hadn’t been for the late hour (7:45 by the time we got the entrees!) it would have been perfect, as we sat with engaging people and had a great time overall!

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7 Responses to Vegetarian Meetup at Sa-Bai Thong!

  1. Anonymous says:

    OK, so now I feel the title of your blog applies to me. I should have been there with you and Betsy. Glad you had such a good time (and didn’t get the whipped cream).

  2. That all looks delicious – I’ve not had fried banana for soooo long.

  3. wei_k says:

    mmm that all looks so delicious! Makes me want to go back to Thailand… maybe it makes you want to go to Thailand too?

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