For no good reason

For some reason, we always want a reason.  When things happen, I mean.  Like the other day, when my oven locked up and wouldn’t open for anything.  The service guy came today and got it open, although he didn’t know quite how he did it, and said he thought the heat sensor was telling the stove it was too hot (when it wasn’t even on!) and locking up, a la self-cleaning mode.  So  now it works and we don’t know why.

Or how about last night, when the power went out for no discernible reason.   It was a cool evening, not windy or rainy or snowy or anything.  And it wasn’t momentary, as it usually is – it was out for over an hour, which was long enough for me to have given up on a) using the computer, and b)watching Grey’s Anatomy, and so we c) went to bed.  We thought we’d turned off everything that was on, but of course when the power came back on the washing machine started spinning and random lights flashed on.  Well, we’re lucky it wasn’t longer. 

Tomorrow we’re doing something completely different, for us.  Two people who work with A are driving us to Chicago (3 hour drive for us) for a day of food in the Windy City.  They have it all planned.  I think we’re going to a Japanese market, a Bulgarian market, and some fresh vegetable market????  Anyway, the one main instigator takes road trips for food, so presumably there will be great stuff.  I’ll take pictures!   Me, the spoilsport, will be bringing schoolwork for the outbound trip (while it’s still light), because it’ll be my only weekend day.  Sunday I have to work on conferences.  Yay. 

Tonight I didn’t get home until after 6:30, so it was all leftovers of everything I’ve posted about lately.  Good leftovers, though!

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4 Responses to For no good reason

  1. wei_k says:

    This is my life.
    Glad you’re going to Chicago! And I look forward to hearing about it. Sounds like a great trip.

  2. Have a FAB time.
    I LOVE Grey’s Anatomy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hope you’re having a great food-focused time in Chicago. Can’t wait to hear what you find there.

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