Part 3 of our Chicago trip

The last place we went in Chicago was the Assi International Market, which was basically Korean.  And when you think Korean, what do you think…… am I right?  Here is just one display case of peppers. 

In another case, many more peppers, plus enormous leaves/fronds/whatever of aloe vera.  Maybe for an all-over sunburn?  Actually, in the deli department/snack bar, they had aloe smoothies.  I passed them by, but had they had aloe "fruit dessert" such as I ate in Hong Kong, I’d have been all over it….

And here is the Kimchi itself; I mean, one entire display case filled with it, with another two or three behind us.  I’m guessing you can never get enough.  

All over the store, they were giving samples.  Most samples were meat, but here in the produce department there were all sorts of delicious treats. 

Moving right along, we came into the packaged goods aisles, where you could get all kinds of Asian products.  You know, I’ve heard of Hello Kitty, but Hello Panda?

Before we left Chicago for the long ride home, of course I needed a visit to the Ladies’ room, where I got to add another sign to my collection.  Do some of us feel right at home?

Back at the ranch (the next day, that is), we made a stir-fry with all the fresh produce we bought.  Ginger, garlic, enoki mushrooms, pea pods, broccoli, tofu, scallions….. did I miss anything?   

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