Ten days of living indoors starts now!

Sometimes we make the same things over and over because we can’t think of anything else, and sometimes because we’re too tired/lazy to look for a new recipe, and sometimes we just love the same old thing that much!  That was the case the other evening, when I wanted to use a large cauliflower I’d gotten at Marketplace on Oakton.  We love the Cauliflower Curry recipe from the original Vegetarian Epicure, and that’s also where we get our dal recipe.  The recipes are easy; the challenge is in keeping the spice mixtures separate as I measure them out. 
It was delicious.  Thanks, Anna Thomas!  

This morning, it was cold (32F, which is 0C to some of you) but sunny.  Unfortunately, I had to enjoy the day from indoors, as it is the first day of hunting season.  We own orange clothing, but it always seems like a risk to prance around outdoors, especially when one can hear gunshots in the distance!

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5 Responses to Ten days of living indoors starts now!

  1. Anonymous says:

    It must be very freaky to hear the guns. I hope the hunters stay away from your house! Do the cats stay in, too?

  2. wei_k says:

    Beautiful pictures! Can you send me the recipe for the cauliflower curry?? I bet I’d be able to make it from what’s available in Zhongdian. ❤

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