More From Thanksgiving

 Remember that sourdough starter?  Well, last weekend when I made some bread, I made a double batch of dough.  I baked one into a loaf (see a previous post), and put the rest in the refrigerator for Thursday morning.  It kept rising even in the cold. 

Once it warmed up, I cut it into small strips and tied them in knots to make some dinner rolls.  They turned out great.  
That was a wheaty dish; again, there were wheat-avoiding people in attendance.  Therefore, I made the traditional apple crisp with oat flour.

 It was delicious.  I know I keep saying that…. but honestly, nothing was bad.  Wait, there was one thing I wouldn’t make again. It was the marinated beet salad.  Not that I don’t like beets – I love them.  And this year, A grew the most delicious beets.  But he tried a new recipe – the seasonings were mustard and nutmeg.  Those flavors did not do it for me, although it’s a beautiful dish.  Here he is peeling and slicing the cooked beets, and below that is the luminous finished product.
Last night we had leftovers.  Yay for leftovers!   

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2 Responses to More From Thanksgiving

  1. Anonymous says:

    The rolls look so good — I love sourdough bread. And of course, I know how the apple crisp tastes. Beets are OK but not my favorites, though I agree that they are really pretty. Your Thanksgiving dinner is outstanding — so many good cooks gathered in one place.

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