Even more from Thanksgiving!!!

 A few days ago I mentioned I’d never realized how much work it takes to make stuffed cabbage.  Well, it must have been a breeze last time I made it, because a) there was a last time, and b) Andrea has graphic proof!!!  Because I made it for Passover, it must have been a matzoh-meal-based filling.  Thanks for helping me out in the memory department, Andrea!

This year, aside from the traditional apple crisp, we didn’t make anything we’ve made in the past.  Specifically, A did NOT make his famous Pecan Loaf out of the Deaf Smith Country Cookbook.  After taking a small poll, he decided it was OK to branch out.  This met with some comment at the dinner table, as several of the young’ns demanded to know where the pecan loaf was.  As Dante said, "Every year, people ask me what we eat at a vegetarian Thanksgiving, and I always say, ‘Nut loaf.’  Now what will I have to say?  Stuffed cabbage-zucchini casserole-stuffed squash-cheesey potatoes?"   We all agreed there will NEVER be a Toferky on our table, but that perhaps next year there will be nut loaf. 

Where’s the nutloaf?

Finally, a baby in our midst again!

Friends send their love.

Many desserts.  

A fabulous salad.

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3 Responses to Even more from Thanksgiving!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    This has got to be the end, right? There can’t be any more food, can there? How did you guys fit back into the car to get home? 😀 Is that a West baby? Impressive desserts! All I can say is wow.
    BTW, now that you have a imac, shouldn’t we be having a video chat at some point? Did you get it all set up and everything?
    Do you have a card reader to download your photos with? I have a Kingston card reader that I just attach to the keyboard with a USB and I put the photo card in, and in seconds, all my photos are transferred to iphoto. It was less than $13.99 on Amazon.

  2. wei_k says:

    It’s great to see all these pictures of people and food!! But there are a few people I don’t recognize. I’d wondered too who that kid was but I saw your reply to Andrea.

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