Last Day of Vegan MOFO!

 It’s the last day of Vegan Month of Food.  I haven’t made it to everyone’s blog yet so it’s a good thing that blogroll stays up all year.  It’s been fun to see both new and old blogs, and if I hadn’t spent so much time reading them, I might have cooked more…. wait, not really.  I cook all the time.  Most recently, it’s been finding uses for all the leftover vegetables we bought to cook for Thanksgiving.  Specifically, a whole lot of cabbage!  On the weekend, we dithered over two similar sounding recipes in one of the Moosewood cookbooks.  They both called for three cups of sliced cabbage.  We finally decided on something like Moroccan Vegetable Stew, as opposed to Algerian or Tunisian or something-or-other vegetable stew, although it didn’t matter in the end – we didn’t have all the ingredients, and we substituted some chopped zucchini for the green pepper we didn’t have.  It was the seasonings that did it anyway, so no matter.  It was…. drumroll….. delicious. 

We also made salad; what I refer to as the "winter salad."  I’m sort of morally opposed to buying salad greens in the winter, although I generally cave at some point.  But not yet.  This really nice salad is everything I’d have used anyway, minus lettuce or spinach.  Notice I was almost finished eating it when I decided to take its picture!

This morning I got my first Chanukah present, although I think it was more like a longstanding running joke.  Two years ago, when I went to Hong Kong for the first time, I did what tourists do: I photographed anything I thought was quaint, funny, endearing, etc. about the culture I was visiting, and I posted the results on my blog.  So it was with the Mushy Peas. 

So Jeni Treehugger, a Brit living in Spain, saw this and immediately set me straight: in fact, they are supposed to be delicious, and indispensable part of English cuisine.  Who knew?  By the time I was reeducated, I was stateside and unable to find a can of the stuff, although I tried.  (I did see a can of Spotted Dick, but don’t get me started.).  And then guess what?  This morning, I came into work to find a package in my mailbox.  The package rattled…. what could it be?  Why, some Batchelor’s Quick-Soak Peas, imported from Britain and purchased in Spain! I was totally surprised.  And thrilled!

The "Quick" part is relative; it needs two hours of soaking and another half hour of cooking.  So guess what I’ll be making for dinner this weekend?  Thanks, Jeni!!!!!

And wasn’t this the point of Vegan MOFO… to learn new things about food, make new friends, and have fun?  It’s been true for me!

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4 Responses to Last Day of Vegan MOFO!

  1. YAY! So glad they arrived – they took two and a half weeks to fly around the world and land in your mail box. I just hope they live up to your expectations ‘cos I realise I’ve totally built them up for the awesomeness they are but don’t feel bad if they’re not your thing – not everyone likes them.
    At least you can find out for yourself.
    Well done on all your MoFo’ing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yummy-looking food. I like your winter salad. Lucky you to have received the cool gift of peas from Jeni. I can’t wait to hear if you liked them. I never can remember exactly what mushy peas are, but the name is … I don’t know … unusual.

  3. wei_k says:

    Wow that’s so cool you got sent mushy peas!!! And from Spain/England, to boot. Let me know how they are. I never did try them in HK.

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