First Night of Chanukah!

 Chanukah comes really, really early this year.  That’s because we follow the lunar calendar.  Anyway, tonight we lit the first candles…

…and did NOT eat a traditional holiday meal.  That’ll be on the weekend.  For tonight, we had leftover pasta, but with peanut sauce, and sauteed cabbage.  (That is the LAST of the cabbage!

We also had tabouli I made last night.  

We’re not giving each other gifts; at least, not surprise ones.  I get to go to Italy, and he gets a few things he wants, and we’re all happy.  But!!! Feast your eyes on the gift I got from my teaching partner today.  Cute!!!

By the time Christmas rolls around, this holiday will be long over…. so I’m going to have all the fun I can have right now!

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3 Responses to First Night of Chanukah!

  1. Those cups are beautiful!
    Happy Chanukah.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The measuring cups are fantastic! Yay teaching partner. Tell her she has great taste.
    Happy Hannukah! Or Chanukah! Either way.

  3. wei_k says:

    I missed the first night!!! I thought (somehow) that it didn’t start until December 3rd, but also that it started on Wednesday…which clearly was yesterday….but yeah. :-/
    Those M-cups are cute!! I’ve seen them before. I’m sure they’ll be able to thave a place in our kitchen.

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