Second night of Chanukah

 ‘Twas the second night of Chanukah, and sooooo cold, with snow in the forecast.  I felt a cold coming on, and needed SOUP. But I needed it fast, because I’d gotten home late.  A pot of boiling water, some chopped vegetables, udon noodles, one packet of seaweed soup (guaranteed "no sand" my foot!), miso, and Trader Joe’s Gyoza, and dinner was on!

Happy Chanukah!

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2 Responses to Second night of Chanukah

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy Hannukah. Hope the soup thwarted your cold and you’re feeling better. I just cooked a huge bunch of chickpea croquettes for a Hanukkah party tomorrow and I’m trying hard not to eat them now. 😦 It’s actually sunny this afternoon, but even when sunny, it still feels damp. I know this is supposed to be good for my skin, but I might rather have it dry and use lotion.

    • wingraclaire says:

      Chickpea croquettes sound good for a party! We;re going to one tomorrow and I haven’t decided what to make yet. Have fun! And the soup, plus tons of tea, plus neti pot, seem to have helped. At least for now!

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