The Pumpkin-O-Meter says it snowed!

 ….and the pumpkin-o-meter never lies!

Out the back picture window…..

… and the front; of course, being Saturday, I could just look out and enjoy it all.  

Taking a walk provides a good view of Ye Olde Homestead.   I think i take this same picture every year,  but whatever. 

Even miscellaneous farm equipment looks more interesting under a coat of snow. 

Isn’t this holiday-card-worthy?  With the church steeple in the distance?  Think our neighbor uses this view in his cards?  

This evening we went to a Chanukah party.  I was asked to bring some snacks as our contribution.  I made some teeny muffins (zucchini), 

and some "chickpea nibbles," which people ended up putting in their borscht.  I tell you, I love the borscht we make, but what we had this evening was incredible, made only of beets, mushrooms, and tomatoes.  Super delicious!  

I cannot tell a lie; I ate a latke!  And lots of salad, applesauce, and a piece of flourless (chocolate and nut) cake.  Which I’m sure explains why I’m still up at midnight!!! No candles lit at home this evening; we did it there.  Happy 4th night of Chanukah! 

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2 Responses to The Pumpkin-O-Meter says it snowed!

  1. wei_k says:

    Beautiful snow! I can imagine taking a walk down the road with you in that snow. And that view of Roger’s and the church steeple totally could be on a “holiday” card.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Snow can be a pain, but it sure is beautiful. I love your photos — I always felt a thrill after the first big storm. It wasn’t until the end of February when I’d start to wish it would go away.
    We went to a Chanukah party last night, too, and I brought chickpea patties — and a ton of other stuff since I was making “half” the food. Was your borscht hot or cold? I haven’t made borscht in so long, I really should give it another try.

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